Kelly Patrick Riggs

Stimulate Personal Income, Financial Security After COVID-19

Dedicated Pastor Reaches Out To Families In The State Of Alabama.


Vincent, AL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/15/2020 --This holiday season marks the beginning of a national movement. Local leaders soon to offer opportunities to those who need it the most, in hopes to recover from the financial burden caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. There is no argument that prisoners, ex-felons and people in lower income communities are deprived of meaningful income opportunities. Likewise, there is no argument that people in these underprivileged communities are the most affected by the financial impact caused by COVID-19. Hope is on its way, for a number of those affected, from the least likely of places.

Kelly Patrick Riggs is the author of several books that are distributed nationwide. He is a prolific author and a dedicated advocate for criminal justice reform. Amazingly, however, Mr. Riggs' first eleven books and many articles were published while he was confined in the federal prison system. After reaching a moderate level of success, Mr. Riggs began to help other prisoners with writing, publishing and marketing. In 2019 he recorded his efforts in a number of easy to follow steps, which he published in a book. How To Write Your Own Check was released for sale to the public in December of that same year.

One year later, and shortly following his release, Mr. Riggs pledged to provide his book to as many incarcerated people as he could, for free. He first pledged half of his income from book sales to his book give-away. Then, weeks later, he expanded his effort by asking for donations on GoFundMe ( Mr. Riggs has since given away over 200 books, but that wasn't enough.

Recently, Kelly Riggs pledged to include community out reach to his efforts. Armed with the advice of community leaders he consulted with outreach expert Pastor Kenneth Sharpton-Glasgow. Pastor Sharpton-Glasgow was impressed with Mr. Riggs' efforts to such a degree that he, Pastor Sharpton-Glasgow, pledged his support and efforts to sponsor a pilot program in Dothan, Montgomery and Birmingham, Alabama. Together, Riggs and Sharpton-Glasgow dedicated their time and resources to reach out to underprivileged communities. Their sole purpose is to use financial opportunity to redirect young people from the path that leads to the American Criminal Justice system. Mr. Riggs and Pastor Sharpton-Glasgow have come together in a common belief that our communities are better served by crime prevention than criminal correction.

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About Kelly Patrick Riggs
Kelly Patrick Riggs is located in Vincent, Alabama (AL).He is a former prisoner turned Criminal Justice Reform Advocate. He began writing while incarcerated to assist underprivileged and elderly prisoners obtain relief from excessive sentences. After gaining widespread recognition in 2016 for his efforts, he was offered an opportunity to share his passion by writing a line of legal self-help books for prisoners. He is best known as the author of the Post Conviction Relief series and for his efforts to help prisoners change their lives through education. Kelly is also the organizer of the Federal Innocence Project and contributes 50% of his earnings from book sales to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.

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