Stop the Head-Bob with SeatDreamzzz, the Sleep Mask That Keeps the Head in Place While Sleeping


San Francisco, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/07/2017 --SeatDreamzzz, the revolutionary new sleep mask that allows wearers to prevent the classic head-bob when sleeping during travel, is live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

SeatDreamzzz is the world's most versatile sleep mask promising better sleep during uncomfortable travel. The innovative design includes an additional airline strap which allows users to fasten their head to the independent headrest, making it easy to fall asleep while sitting upright.

"In 2013, I began frequently traveling internationally, and would constantly land at my destination feeling exhausted and with a painful neck. In an effort to solve this issue, I eventually took my long sleeve layer and used it to tie my head to the chair on a flight. After sleeping extremely well and having little to no neck pain, I started to think of how I could take this basic concept and develop something useful for others too," says founder and CEO Will Harlan on the inspiration behind the project.

After noticing that individual headrests were starting to be built on airline economy chairs, Harlan realized that a sleep mask with a long enough strap would be able to wrap around the headrest without interrupting the passenger's space in the row behind. It was then that he set out create SeatDreamzzz.

The SeatDreamzzz mask offers 100% blackout, is fully breathable, and is comfortable, lightweight and durable. To ensure a safe fit, the product utilizes a military grade center release buckle and silicon backing to provide grip when wrapped around the independent headrest. In addition, a sidekick bag is included which allows for storage of the strap as well as additional items including headphones, passport, phone, keys and more.

"The head-bob is one of the worst things when it comes to traveling, whether you're sleeping in an airplane, train, bus or car. Sleeping on-the-go is vital to make sure you arrive feeling refreshed at your final destination," adds Harlan. "SeatDreamzzz provides the functionality of a traditional sleeping mask and also prevents the head-bob. This allows the user to restfully sleep while sitting upright and in transit."

SeatDreamzzz is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:

About SeatDreamzzz
SeatDreamzzz is a product created by Product-Design Firm "SUP Designs." The firm builds consumer focused solutions through a worldwide manufacturing, production and distribution network. Being based in San Francisco, SUP Designs combines 25+ years of Product Development, Product Design, Branding, Manufacturing, Marketing and Advertising experience to solve common problems with simple solutions. 

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