Store Money in Style with the New Journey Card Wallet

A quality leather wallet is an accessory with style and utility. Sadly, they often sacrifice space for style. Here to change that is the Journey, which promises to give the best of both worlds.


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/20/2017 --The wallet is an indispensable tool that holds the various cards and bills used by the modern individual. As such, many different companies manufacture and sell wallets, which leads to incredible variance in the styles available to the consumer. Most wallets excel in one of four areas: style, size, quality, or functionality. Occasionally, a designer wallet will manage to nail down two or three of these factors. However, the perfect wallet that nails down all four is a rarity. This trend has lead to consumers either settling on wallets that are stylish but lacking in useful space or choosing a bulky and ugly wallet that offers maximum utility. But finally, after years of hearing complaints from consumers around the world and watching the split in quality and style continue, one leather working company has decided to create a solution: the Journey.

The Journey is the brainchild of Story Leather, a company that creates high quality, made-to-order leather products, in response to the current state of the wallet market. The aim of the Journey is to offer consumers a new type of wallet, one that has style and a small profile without sacrificing the utility needed out of a wallet. And despite being their first foray into the world of large-scale manufacturing and sales, the Journey fulfills Story Leather's goal to the highest degree. This wallet is handcrafted out of the same high-grade leather they use in their made-to-order products and is available in five distinct colors. Its sleek profile and design promise to compliment any outfit, all while fitting comfortably into any pocket. But most exciting of all is the Journey's incredible functionality. On both of its two faces, the Journey features two pockets that fit an individual card, as well as a pocket that has space for five cards. When totaled up, this means that the Journey has space for fourteen different cards as well as monetary bills, all without sacrificing style and size. This makes the Journey the ultimate wallet; the wallet that fulfills the consumer's need for both style, size, and quality, and functionality.

With work complete on designing and prototyping the Journey, Story Leather has only one major roadblock: funding. Therefore, they have turned to Kickstarter in the hopes that people will recognize the quality and potential of the Journey and donate, allowing them to move forward with production and shipment of the Journey. So with reader support, the Journey can become available to the public, thus allowing consumers to finally get the high-quality wallet that they deserve.

For more information, visit the Journey Kickstarter page.