StoryClub Games LLC Kicks off Kickstarter Campaign for Their Kids' Game STORY CRAZE


Charleston, SC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/25/2016 --Every once in a while, a children's product comes along that is super fun for kids while, at the same time, boosts learning and propels a child's confidence, self-esteem, communication, leadership and teamwork skills. STORY CRAZE game does just this. Created by two entrepreneurs from Charleston, SC, Marcie Jacobs and Ellen Stebbins, STORY CRAZE is the hilarious new game that sparks the silly and wacky imagination in children to make up the craziest stories.

Children pen three-chapter tales: an imaginative introduction, a hilarious, action-filled plot, and top if off with a crazy cliffhanger. With each new chapter, kids pick new cards that fill their stories with crazy twists and turns. In the end, a judge awards points to winning chapters, and the team with the most points wins.

STORY CRAZE is not only fun to play with friends and family; it is also a great activity for kids to do alone. And it is the perfect addition to birthday parties, youth groups, after school programs, camps, home schooling, and to assist children with special needs.

Playing STORY CRAZE is as simple as five steps!

1. Each team draws one card from each of the PEOPLE, PLACES, and THINGS card decks.
2. Teams have ten minutes to huddle and create chapter one using all three cards.
3. After ten minutes, all the teams gather and take turns reading their stories out-loud.
4. Points are awarded by the judge, an honor given to the youngest of the players.
5. Teams re-group to take on the next chapter, repeating the steps above.

"These stories have a purpose. A purpose to spark and develop imagination, creativity, and conversation in our kids," a senior official from StoryClub Games LLC stated. "Join our movement to get this game everywhere kids hang out so we can share this purpose with children all over the world. We would love to see this game in every home, homeschool, public and private school classroom, afterschool program, camp, youth group, and counselor's office!"

The content and rules of the game were created with over thirty kids during multiple focus groups. After the creation of the basic game, it was play tested and tweaked for refinement. StoryClub Games created twenty-five prototypes, and hundreds of kids have played the game over the last nine months.

The company has also completed their website, art, graphic design, trademark, and other legal work at their own expense. Now, they need funding support to handle the cost of manufacturing Story Craze. The company has just launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $22,000 for this purpose.

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In this technologically dependent, busy, and stressed out world, StoryClub Games is developing products that create real-life experiences where people get to know one another better, stretch their imaginations, and have loads of fun.

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