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Storz and Bickel Introduces New Line of Vaporizers

Crafty Vaporizer is a new generation of pocket-friendly vapes for marijuana users.


Denver, CO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/23/2016 --Storz and Bickel is a German company, and a global leader in the manufacturing of vaporizers. Their dedication towards quality and reputation for excellence precedes their name. Crafty Vaporizer is a recent product line for weed users.

The Crafty Vaporizer comes with a liquid pad, a power adapter with USB cable, a cleaning brush, three spare screens, an herb mill, a set of spare seal rings and a filling aid. It's fully portable, with a sleek and lightweight design. The Vaporizer unit has a single button to turn on and reach the basic temperature of 180 Celsius. There is a booster temperature which is 195 Celsius. Both these options are pre-set by the designer but by using the Crafty App, an app for iOS and Android devices, the temperatures can be changed and other settings adjusted.

The quality of the Crafty Vaporizer is outstanding. The high-quality plastic mouthpiece doesn't leave any plastic flavour with the user. The vapor is satisfying, cool and smooth. The mesh screen filter out the particles in weed to make the draw flavourful, pure and exquisite. The Storz and Bickel product is a high-quality and powerfully crafted tool. It may lack in the aesthetic pleasantries of form but it makes up the slack with its function. The device has a large heating chamber, that dissipates the heat all around the grating and keeping the grating unit comfortable to hold with hand.

The Crafty Vaporizer comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, chargeable through a wall charger or a USB. The vaporizer is good for 1.5 hours of continued usage. The auto shut-off feature prolongs the life of the battery. The device slips into the pocket easily.