Streamline the Charging Process Using the DOCK ME Charging Tower

Scarce charging space leads to competition, which makes charging electronics a hassle. Here to fix the problem is DOCK ME, which provides a space efficient place for devices to charge.


Toronto, ON -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/27/2016 --The recent trend in electronics of making devices thinner and faster, all while giving them larger screens, has certainly created some groundbreaking, consumer-friendly technology. However, the unfortunate downside to this innovation is negligence towards battery life, which has been ignored and therefore far less improved than flashier features. This trend towards "shorter" battery life, when combined with the millions of devices across the country, creates a situation where countless devices must be charged once every day or two. And while charging is effortless for some people, the relative scarcity of usable outlets or safe charging stations means that finding a suitable location to replenish a device's battery is difficult for many others. The DOCK ME charging tower solves this problem in an elegant manner, as its open yet relatively compact design offers an array of locations to plug in and leave a charging electronic device.

Designed with idea of maximizing usable space, the DOCK ME charging tower employs three shelves and a laptop rack. Each shelf, aside from being spacious enough to fit two to three phones, is equipped with two USB Type A ports, one USB type C port and a qi compatible wireless charger. This negates the use of multiple outlets, as chargers are plugged into the tower itself instead of an adapter. In addition, there is an outlet on the tower near the base, allowing non-standard electronics to charge as well. This array of options available to the user also serves to ensure that both phones available now and in the future will always be supported. What's more is that the tower's sleek design and modern aesthetic make it a perfect fit for any home or office.

For more information about the DOCK ME charging tower, visit the Kickstarter campaign page.