Stress Busting Wearable Hits $50K Kickstarter Goal


San Francisco, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/06/2016 --Lief Therapeutics, a San Francisco-based startup, is on track to have one of the most successful medical device crowdfunding campaigns of 2016. The "Lief" is a new wearable that puts users in control of their body's natural stress response and has raised over $60,000 in less than a week, creating the opportunity to accelerate the development of this anxiety and depression management device by hitting a stretch goal of $250,000.

Developed with Stanford and UCSF clinicians, the biosensing "smart patch" offers users gentle, safe biofeedback exercises that help manage stress in real time. With Lief, users can reduce anxiety when it's happening and learn to calm their mind, pay attention to their body's state and voluntarily control their heart, breathing and mindset.

"We want to offer consumers a way to handle stress and better understand their tolerance levels. When an individual is stressed, they can utilize Lief to build resilience and take control of their situation," said Lief Therapeutics CEO Rohan Dixit. "Our wearable was designed and developed with clinicians. With Lief, consumers are in control."

With Lief, users can easily record thoughts, emotions, behaviors and sensations to help pinpoint the underlying causes of stress. In addition to a variety of exercises and sessions, the Lief patch also measures heart rate, heart rate variability (HRV) and breathing to recognize stress and anxiety patterns. Users may then use their Lief Health Score to track daily progress and practice exercises based on their own needs.

Backers can soon reduce their anxiety in real time. The team has launched Lief on Kickstarter where backers can purchase their own Lief patch for $159, which is 45% off the future retail price of $299.

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P.S., Lief's founding team is offering limited in-person demos of the hardware, in Chicago Thursday 12/8; Las Vegas Friday 12/9 - Sunday 12/11, and in San Francisco Monday 12/12 - Friday 12/16. Contact CEO Rohan Dixit with inquiries.
About Lief Therapeutics
Lief Therapeutics is a San Francisco startup that specializes in healthcare wearables. Their flagship product, Lief, is an ultra-thin wearable patch that measures a consumer's heart and breathing. Lief can teach consumers how to control their body's natural stress response, reduce triggered responses, be mindful and stay in control throughout the day. Lief supports clinicians in monitoring and treating their mental health patients. Lief is insurance reimbursable and FDA Class II Exempt, minimizing the startup's regulatory burden and barrier to market.

For more information, visit the campaign page.