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Stress Less During Mattress Shopping with Best Mattress Reviews' Guide

Bed blog announces its latest article, a detailed mattress shopping guide designed to reduce stress and confusion.


Detroit, MI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/08/2014 --Need to buy a new bed, but not sure where to begin? Bed blog recently released an in-depth guide designed to simplify and take the stress out of the shopping process.

Published August 8, the guide is titled, “Don’t Lose Sleep Over Mattress Shopping,” and covers a full walkthrough of the buying process, offering insider tips and helpful insight to readers.

Best Mattress Reviews published the guide in response to a recent Better Sleep Council survey which found that many people delay buying a new mattress due to stress or confusion related to the shopping process. Sleeping on old, uncomfortable beds in turn affects sleep quality, which can have negative health consequences.

The “stress-less guide” breaks mattress shopping into seven steps and thoroughly explains each part of the process. The first section answers the question of when to replace a mattress, offering helpful lifespan guidelines.

Next steps include outlining one’s preferences and goals with the help of a sample checklist, and exploring the market and learning about mattress types before actually shopping.

The article then explains how to research and compare mattresses in detail, including what to look for with each mattress type, and how to interpret warranties and return policies. Owner reviews are also identified as a helpful tool for narrowing down options.

Best Mattress Reviews final steps feature tips for identifying the best options and values, including a sample memory foam mattress comparison for example, as well as pointers to help shoppers have a smooth experience once they are ready to buy.

The guide is available in full on Best Mattress Reviews’ website, along with many other mattress guides, brand reviews, and comparisons. Readers are also invited to take a mattress shopping poll and share any questions.

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