Stride Launches New eBook Geared Toward Companies Launching Minimum Viable Products

How does an enterprise launch a successful MVP? Find out with the newest eBook and checklist written by Stride CEO and Founder, Debbie Madden


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/24/2016 --The latest eBook by Debbie Madden, CEO and Founder of Stride -- a Manhattan-based Agile consultancy -- is now available. The content is geared toward enterprises wishing to get products to market quickly and efficiently.

Much of the consulting work Debbie Madden's company does for New York businesses is about embedding Agile engineers with tech teams to help them up their game and get stuff done.. Over the past two decades, they've noticed that many tech teams function like startups by building and launching Minimum Viable Products, but struggle to focus their efforts or find success.

"The practice of launching MVPs has become extremely commonplace in 2016," explains Madden. "MVPs are a great way to keep up with the competition and test products out on the market quickly and effectively, but many teams are left with the nagging suspicion that they could be operating leaner or approaching the process more efficiently."

In "The Enterprise Guide To Launching MVPs" eBook, Madden outlines 11 necessary steps tech teams must undertake to successfully achieve their goals, including:

- Getting the Right People on the Bus
- Defining SMART Goals
- Creating Upside, Downside, and Nestled Targets
- Getting out of the Building to Confirm your Hypothesis
- Learn-Measure Building Your MVP
- Holding Monthly Goal Meetings With Team and Stakeholders

Also included in the eBook is a helpful checklist / worksheet titled, "How To Launch An MVP Within An Enterprise" to get teams organized. The free download can be accessed at the Stride NYC website via

"Of all the steps, I can't iterate the importance of 'getting the right people on the bus' enough," Madden explains. "Far too often, companies try to pull people internally who really aren't up to the task. They figure they're just operating lean. This critical mistake will cost you time, money and hassle."

She adds: "It's worthwhile to invest the time and resources into a proper hiring strategy designed to find the right people for the project, even if you have to recruit a few heads from outside the firm. My team members often fill that role, adding expertise and energy where it's needed to keep the process moving along toward measurable targets."

Anyone in the New York area wishing for more help further organizing MVP efforts or implementing these steps should contact Debbie Madden directly at the contact information listed below.

About Stride
Stride is an Agile consultancy in NYC that embeds and co-locates with tech teams (like Plated, Simon & Schuster, Equinox and The Daily Beast) to help tech teams up their game and get stuff done.. Stride leverages the skills of your entire team and helps companies improve code quality and Agile processes. Whether you seek process refinement (TDD, Refactoring, Tech Debt, Estimates, Continuous Delivery, etc.) or need to get high quality code out the door to launch your MVP, Stride is here to help.

About Debbie Madden
Debbie Madden has built five companies from the ground up and has been CEO of three of them. She is currently the CEO of Stride, an Agile software development consultancy in NYC. Prior to Stride, Debbie was the CEO of another Agile consultancy, which she ran for 10 years, grew into a five-time Inc. 5000 winner, and Crain's NY Best Place to Work.

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