Stronger, Lighter Carbon Fiber Longboard Is the Formula One of Longboards


Indianapolis, IN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/05/2017 --A stronger, lighter, 100 percent weatherproof longboard, which will provide users with an even better skateboarding experience, is to be created by BlackCraft Longboards. The Carbon Fiber Longboard can be customized in terms of its specific shape and features since carbon fiber material is completely shapeable; yet when it is cured, it is many times stronger than wood.

Dan Lierman and his company, BlackCraft Longboards, have described the Carbon Fiber Longboard as the Formula One equivalent for longboards, thanks to the material from which it is made. Lierman came up with the idea for a longboard made from carbon fiber in 2016. His company, BlackCraft Longboards, are now ready to begin production of their Carbon Fiber Longboards; they require funds to cover initial expenses, such as those associated with the manufacturing mold for the carbon fiber board frames.

Traditionally, longboards are made from five to nine plies of wood that are laminated and shaped to form the concave shape of the longboard. Wooden boards are notoriously heavy, making it difficult to perform certain tricks.

As longboarding has become increasingly popular across the states, there has been a demand for more durable and better quality longboards. However, most companies that specialize in higher-end longboards use the same manufacturing techniques as companies that make more affordable versions.

BlackCraft Longboards, a team of four siblings from Indianapolis, decided to try an alternative to wood.

"Our Carbon Fiber Longboard addresses the problems associated with wooden boards," said Paul Lierman, CEO and co-founder of BlackCraft Longboards. "It is waterproof, extremely strong and incredibly light. Carbon fiber allows us to create concave board shapes that would be impossible to form using wood. Our Carbon Fiber Longboards can hold virtually any shape."

BlackCraft has launched a campaign on crowdfunding platform, Indiegogo, to raise the funds they need to bring their longboard to market. Reward tiers begin at $15 and the campaign will run until approximately September 2017. To find out more, or to secure a t-shirt, hoodie, custom Vans, a first generation Carbon Fiber Longboard, or other reward, visit the Indiegogo page here: