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Studies Support Anti-Aging Properties of Green Tea Extract; Topical Use in Eye Serums and Facial Creams Can Help Skin Retain Its Youthful Appearance Longer

Include green tea extract in skin care routine for better hydration and improved appearance says recent study. Products such as THAT Eye Cream™ rely on this and other antioxidants to enhance the skin's appearance naturally.


Oakland, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/23/2014 --A recent study has confirmed the anti-aging properties of green tea extract, one of the antioxidant ingredients found in the popular eye serum, THAT Eye Cream™.

The study, conducted by scientists in South Korea and published online in May 2014 in the Nutrition Research Practice Journal, found strong evidence that green tea seed could preventing wrinkle formation and skin photoaging due to harmful ultra-violet (UV) rays. Use of the extract resulted in a significant increase in antioxidant enzyme activity that worked to repair damaged skin.

A second study by the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil has found that cosmetic products containing green tea extract have pronounced moisturizing effects and may improve skin elasticity in as little as two weeks.

Cheryl Lynn of THAT Eye Cream™ said the studies reaffirm the effectiveness of products containing this important ingredient, including the brand's signature under eye serum.

"This is great news for us and for all the consumers who use our eye serum," Lynn said. "This confirms that the green tea extract found in the All-In-One Eye Gel with Vitamin C really works to counter some of the common appearance issues women face as they age."

The Brazil study, published in the May/June 2013 edition of Dermatologic Therapy, evaluated the effects of cosmetic formulations containing green tea, and found that the extract increased the skin's ability to retain moisture and significantly improved the skin's appearance with continued use. This is due to powerful antioxidants known as polyphenols, which are known to be highly effective in rejuvenating damaged skin.

Along with green tea extract, THAT Eye Cream's All-In-One Eye Gel is infused with vitamin C and aloe, along with a combination of natural antioxidants, peptides and soothing ingredients which boost natural collagen production and help to reduce the appearance of puffiness, bags, dark circles and wrinkles around the eye area.

The paraben-free and oil-free serum has benefits for both women and men ranging in age from 20-something up to the 40s, 50s and beyond. Additional information may be found at the brand's website and Facebook users can stay up to date with specials on the popular social platform

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THAT Eye Cream's All-In-One Eye Gel with Vitamin C hit the market in May 2013. The product provides a no-nonsense skin solution that goes on easy and absorbs quickly. New customers are eligible to receive a significant discount on their first bottle at while supplies last. THAT Eye Cream™ is the under-eye division of THAT Skin Care™ and is sold exclusively by Radiant Health Naturals.

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