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Studio City Plumber Introduces a New Sci-Fi Sewer Repair Robot Service

Studio City CA commercial and residential plumber, Flood Brothers Plumbing, is deploying a futuristic ROBOTIC tool, to avert potential devastating sewer flooding disasters. This cutting edge, self-propelled subterraneous-android rover has it’s own, on board, cutting system and video camera, enabling a skilled “pilot,” to remotely reline a damage sewer main with a polyester fiberglass sleeve from several feet above ground, without the need or expense associated with typical excavations required to extract and replace the old pipes.


Studio City, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/16/2016 --Flood Brothers Plumbing, recently started deploying, a new tool, to avert potential sewer flooding disasters, that could be described, as a Robotic Crawler straight out of the future. "We all know about drones up in the skies these days … but underground? Who knew to look there…" Chuckles Flood Brothers Plumbing President and CEO Giovanni Longo. "I think we are one of the first to go where no plumber has gone before…"

This cutting edge technology, originally developed in Austria, enables specially trained plumber "pilots" to "rove subterraneously" like busy beavers or moles, remotely repairing, from above, virtually any damaged sewer line from the city main straight to a home or commercial property avoiding the need to destructively excavate and trash homeowners' front yards. The system has it's own, on board, cutting system and video camera, enabling a skilled "pilot," several feet above ground, to reline a damage sewer main with a polyester fiberglass sleeve… as if he or she were playing a video game.

The system, which lays a Polyester impregnated, corrosion resistant, fiberglass insert and an epoxy component, seals the inside of an old damaged sewer pipe like a liner of sorts to achieve total adhesion to wet surfaces. Sort of a new polyester pipe within an old one. The unique fiberglass inserts fits T or Y connections as well. The winch-less and self propelled robot crawler, is powered by a 3 horsepower electric motor, driven by a 6.5 watt generator. The revolutionary Robbie the Plumbing Robot uses a special diamond cutting head like something straight out of a James Bond movie. The unit can be operated by one person, and cuts faster than any conventional equipment without using any air supply hose or air compressor.

The technology promises to change the way failing sewer lines, becoming extremely common in Los Angeles county with its aging infrastructure, are repaired.

Learn more about Flood Brothers' robotic trenchless technology sewer repairs that eliminate the need to tear up your driveway or property.

About Flood Brothers Plumbing
Started by Giovanni Longo as a one-stop general plumbing, rooter and sewer clearing shop, the company has evolved into a premier emergency first responder handling catastrophic flooding, drain back-ups, emergency plumbing sewer needs as well as repairing and re-piping residential and commercial property sewers.

As third generation plumbers, Flood Brothers represents a tradition of old world Italian craftsmanship, as well as a family legacy driven by innovative plumbing technology and cutting-edge solutions.

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