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StudioSuits Launches Seersucker Suits, Perfect for Summer

Breathable suits for the fashion-forward gentleman.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/02/2021 --StudioSuits, a leading provider of fine-tailored men's clothing, has launched a new line of seersucker suits that are perfect for summer. The company has also introduced a web customization tool, to help customers create their ideal suit in real-time.

StudioSuits' seersucker suit options provide the wearer with a classic look. From afar, the vertically striped lines of the suit appear as a solid color, but the pattern becomes increasingly clearer up close. These suits pair well with a crisp, white collared shirt or a thinly striped dress shirt in a compatible color. A tie is optional—skip the tie for a casual look or go for a solid color or diagonally striped tie for more formal events. Keep it simple and let the suit do the talking.

These all-cotton suits are made to be breathable, using premium quality fabric to combat the humidity and heat of the summer. Each suit is tailor made to fit every edge and contour of the body, guaranteeing an impressive-looking fit. There are nearly limitless options for customization, allowing gentlemen to create a one-of-a-kind suit that's perfect for every occasion.

"Seersucker suits are an ideal choice for spring and summer weddings and other special events. The lightweight, breathable fabric keeps the wearer cool throughout the entire event," says, Harryfashion, Owner of StudioSuits. "They're also great for the man who wants to look good but stay cool during summer days at the office. They look sharp for AM meetings all the way until the PM cocktail hour."

Visitors to the site can begin the customization process by selecting number of buttons and lapel style. A two-button option with wide lapels creates a classic look, while a suit with four buttons and slim lapels cuts a fashion-forward profile that's noticeably slimmer than the average suit. Button material, number of vents, lining and cuff button style can also be customized. Monogramming is available, added inside the back color, on an inner pocket or both.

While every suit is tailor-made to fit the wearer perfectly, there are affordable options for every budget. Basic made-to-order seersucker suits start at $220, while the popular Caccioppoli Seersucker starts at $450.

To learn more about this exciting new line, as well as other fine, handcrafted fashions by StudioSuits, visit

About StudioSuits
StudioSuits is part of a strong tradition of excellence, using only the very best fabrics and proven Italian tailoring techniques. Its parent company has been featured in Oprah magazine, InStyle, the Tampa Tribune and various other prominent publications. The company also offers an easy-to-use ordering system that allows customers to input their measurements and order quickly, and will ship items to anywhere in the world.