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Study on Premature Ejaculation in Men Says It Is Not a True Illness

New study suggests premature ejaculation in men is not a sexual dysfunction - ejaculatory control can be practiced. Cupid Boutique agrees.


Toronto, ON -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/14/2015 --In a recent review by Dr. Vincenzo Puppo and Dr. Giulia Puppo it was argued that premature ejaculation is not classified under male sexual dysfunction and that it is not even an illness that can be treated. The review that was published in the Clinical Anatomy Journal goes on to say that Kegel exercises can train the perineal muscles of men and can help them gain ejaculatory control. It says it is more normal in adolescent males especially during their initial sexual encounters.

"It is important for men to understand that in premature ejaculation the physiology of ejaculation and orgasm is not impaired, and that it is normal in adolescent males especially during their first sexual encounters," Dr. Vincenzo Puppo is quoted as saying. Though the term ejaculation is used to mean the external ejection of seminal fluid, it actually comprises two phases - the emission and the expulsion. Expulsion is more accurately the ejection of semen immediately after which a refractory period sets in. During this period further orgasm is impossible physiologically. This period lengthens with age, says he.

Cupid Boutique Business Development Manager Joanna agrees that the matter of premature ejaculation can be handled without drugs. "Many men experience orgasm and subsequent ejaculation too quickly, but it can be addressed without drugs. Masturbation is a healthy and natural way to deal with premature ejaculation. The stop and start technique or the squeeze technique is perfect to handle this issue," she said. "In fact male masturbators like Fleshlights and other discreet toys can help men practice and delay ejaculation in a natural and foolproof way," she added.

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