Stupid Cupid Web Series Seeking Crowdfunding for Diverse Dating App Comedy


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/27/2019 --The crew of the Stupid Cupid web series is hosting a crowdfunding campaign through Indiegogo to support their 7 episode comedy.

Stupid Cupid tells the story of four best friends with vastly diverse experiences with love, who try to remedy their problems by developing a new dating app. Things go poorly, but everything turns upside down when the dating app takes on a mind of its own.

This dynamic cast of characters includes Alex, a maneating CEO, Stevie, a brilliant transgender engineer, Reed, a jaded lawyer, and Harper, a career woman whose husband wants to "open up their marriage".

These characters are all modern and realistic reflections of what it's really like to pursue any sort of love life in today's world. Entertainment displays a completely skewed version of romance and dating apps, and Stupid Cupid is here to remedy that.

With a goal of raising $16,000 USD by October 7, 2019, the producers of Stupid Cupid will add their Indiegogo funds to their grant from the "Made in NY" Women in Film TV and Theater. This prestigious grant not only aids the project financially, but it also offers legitimization, ensuring that Indiegogo contributors can rest easy knowing that the Stupid Cupid team is ready to fulfill their half of the deal. This grant also offers the possibility of the series being featured on the NY Media/NY Life platform, which could potentially expose this important series to millions of people.

The funds raised will serve multiple purposes in making Stupid Cupid a reality. This includes several post-production tasks, such as editing and color-correcting, as well as marketing and PR efforts to spread the word. Funds will also ensure a fair wage for all cast and crew so that they can devote their time and energy to this fantastic project.

Stupid Cupid is not only an entertaining take on modern dating, but it's also incredibly important representation for people who work in tech who aren't white, male, and heterosexual. As the American tech industry begins to look more and more like the country it serves, Stupid Cupid is offering realistic portrayals of the female, trans, non-white, non-heterosexuals that are thriving and bettering the industry.

With pledges ranging from $10 and beyond, perks include everything from access to behind the scenes footage to an executive producer credit. For more information on the Stupid Cupid web series and their IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign, visit or contact them via social media. The handle is @StupidCupidUs on all platforms.