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Style Is a Superpower Any Woman Can Embody


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/17/2021 --"This is not just a style guide; this is a lifestyle guide...Like a warm hug from a good friend, this book wraps you up into a world where you become the best version of yourself." - Emily Lauren Dick, Body Image Expert and Author of Body Positive: A Guide to Loving Your Body

After spending about two decades in the Fashion Industry, Laurie Brucker Amerikaner has been through it all! Dispelling style misconceptions, building her own business, and learning to love her unique self when she never felt like "the other girls." In her new book, You Are The Style! An Every Girl's Guide to Getting Dressed, Building Confidence, and Shining from the Inside Out, Laurie teaches women that creating a wardrobe you love begins with learning to love yourself—exactly as you are, no matter where you are in life.

In a recent television interview, Laurie talks about her experience writing the first draft of her book while pregnant and the body image challenges that came with this new chapter in her life: "I realized what I wrote in the book already was the answers to the things that I was really struggling with. And it was needing to get dressed, showing up for me, taking that time for me, the self-love for me, the body love, for the change you go through…The book became the medicine that helped me out of my post-partum state."

You Are The Style! teaches everything from how to shift your mindset when it comes to clothing, to how to find love and compassion for yourself and your body and how to be inspired by and in life. Pair that empowering knowledge with the technical tools of how to easily clean and organize your closet with care, build an outfit that feels effortlessly stylish, cultivate confidence in your own self-expression, and, most importantly, manifest your best life through the daily action of getting dressed.

Laurie hopes to empower women whether they are returning to the office or continue working from home, whether they've welcomed a new chapter in their life, or they are ready to embrace a fresh start, especially after the all the changes we have experienced in our lives over the last year. Your style is already within you, and your style can become your superpower.

About Laurie Brucker
Laurie Brucker has spent almost two decades in the fashion industry. As a personal stylist, certified image consultant, community leader, and motivational speaker, Laurie is definitely a seasoned professional. She loves to help women feel empowered through style and aid them with using style. Laurie has two Image Consulting certifications from Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC and from Stacy London from TLC's "What not to Wear." Laurie also has her Bachelor of Science in Apparel Merchandising from Indiana University. Laurie's philosophy of "People first, style second" makes her stand out as a stylist since she takes everything from an individual's life and interprets that to create a confident style for her clients.

You Are The Style is available now at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and anywhere that books are sold.

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