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Sub-Contract Market Launches a Dedicated B2B Outsourcing Marketplace That Helps Businesses Replace Full Time in-House Employment

Some small businesses around the world are struggling to afford extra full-time employees, which can put a business in a difficult situation. Without them, they are unable to expand, but at the same time it can become unaffordable. That is why tens of thousands of small businesses are now turning to outsourcing to cut cost.


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/21/2015 --One of the biggest expenses a business face is the employment of key members of staff. However, thousands of businesses around the world find themselves in a difficult situation. In order to expand or take on extra work, they need key personnel but that means paying out extra wages. That is why Sub-Contract Market was launched, to provide businesses around the world a way to hire key personnel, skills and talent when they are required without the added expense.

Sub-Contract Market ( provides businesses with an affordable alternative to taking on extra team members or contractor can be hired without the worry and expense of making them a permanent fixture of the business while at the same time providing the professional service they need.

A spokesman for Sub-Contract Market said: "Our sub-contractor market place allows businesses to find the right company to provide the service that they require. A virtual team member is much more affordable than hiring someone full time."

When businesses advertise on the sub-contracting platform, they will have access to all the available companies around the world. They can decide the budget they have available and find companies who provide the service they need at the price they can afford. When a company's applies to join the platform as sub-contractor, they are first vetted to make sure they provide a professional service.

There are many benefits of outsourcing instead of taking on an extra team member, those benefits include:

1. A sub-contractor cost less than employing an extra team member.
2. When hiring a sub-contractor from there is no need to provide them with equipment or provide extra office space.
3. A business does not have to worry about the expense of paying employment taxes, pension, or other benefits when hiring a sub-contractor.

The Sub-contractor Market platform has become an important tool for business owners. It provides them with a valuable source for when they require an experienced and vetted company to undertake the task they require. The platform is very user-friendly and allows companies to find experts within seconds.

To learn more about the sub-contracting platform, please visit;

About Sub-Contract Market
Mark Odenore, a sub-contractor for 20 years, founded sub-Contract Market. Mark's experiences as a sub-contractor led him to believe that there had to be a better way to connect interested buyers to professional sub-contracting suppliers. In 2006, he set up Mid-west Services (UK) Ltd, a company that specializes in facilitating sub-contracting procurement

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