SuckerFish - the Exciting New Board Game That Teaches Children (And Adults Alike!) the Important Life Principles of Value Investing


Clawson, MI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/18/2018 --Family man and fun-loving entrepreneur, Josh Vojtisek, has revealed that the long wait for his highly anticipated tabletop creation "SuckerFish" is nearly over thanks to investment he's received through his game's crowdfunding page. The game, which Vojtisek designed to mimic both the mental and emotional sides of investing, will, if the campaign is successful, inspire generations to become financially free.

"I created this game because I truly wish I had something like this when I was growing up. To have had something which could teach me not only how to invest and to look after my finances but to also challenge me mentally and improve my mathematics would have been life-changing. That's why the theme of this game is to not only survive but thrive in the deep sea of investing."

SuckerFish can be played by up to eight people over the age of seven and requires players to use mathematics and sound judgement skills to win the game. During the game, players will learn about accountancy, paying taxes, buying and selling shares, and collecting and reinvesting dividends. They will also learn the importance of remaining level-headed and patient when it comes to investing for the long term.

"Throughout the game, which overall represents an investment journey of over three years, players have to keep track of two moving stock prices while deciding whether to buy, sell, hold or wait. This game really is an emotional roller coaster ride of investing!"

The aim of SuckerFish is to invest as wisely as possible as once the last card in the deck is played, the player with the highest score wins.

About Josh Vojtisek
SuckerFish is the brainchild of Michigan-native Josh Vojtisek. A graduate of the Maharishi University of Management with a 3.7 GPA - Vojtisek is an entrepreneur, a proud veteran of the United States Marine Corps, a talented sculptor and founder of learning network, The New Energy Industry. Throughout his life, every enterprise that Vojtisek has undertaken has been to help educate people and to help them fulfil their full potential. This is clearly evident in his latest tabletop creation.