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Suez Canal Expansion Project Meant a Big Step Forwards


Nicosia, Cyprus -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/12/2015 --With grand opening of the Suez Canal Expansion Project, Al Thuraya Holdings has listed via its Subsidiary Al Thuraya Consultancy has yet another successful security risk mitigation mission done in its history. And the company has evolved since the project beginning too.

It was in mid-January this year, when Al Thuraya Holdings (ATH) announced that its subsidiary company Al Thuraya Consultancy was awarded a contract on security services at the project for several multinational companies working on dredging the new lane in Suez Canal, expanding this vital lifeline of global economy to its double capacity. Half a year later, the final jobs are done, new lane is open and ATC is moving forwards.

"It is a high-profile construction project. Our client was concerned about a variety of risks ranging from terrorism through organized crime to conventional criminality and was keen to incorporate defenses against such problems into the project design. Our assessment commenced with a detailed examination of the threats to the project emanating both from the general environment in the Egypt and surrounding region and from the specific nature of the project itself," says Lubomir Cech, Director of Consulting Services at the Al Thuraya Consultancy.

ATC's requirement was to coordinate and integrate the security operations of national and local security agencies. A comprehensive gap analysis to determine the capabilities and functional requirements to support the security master plan was undertaken. A strategic master-plan was developed that addressed the formation of a dedicated security force which ATC provided as well as the command and control requirements which was handled by ATC's subsidiary, ICESERVE24. This paved the way for the security forces to prepare the expansion of the Suez Canal lane.

Subsequent phases of the project included site security surveys, security design recommendations of security-based architectural designs of the project and the development, implementation and stress-testing of best practice security and crisis management protocols for the project. This involved producing the functional and key technical specifications. Throughout this complex task, sound project management processes and practices were implemented that ensured the clients were constantly aware of all developments in their projects. Risk and issues were identified in a timely manner and addressed using appropriate mitigation strategies.

To make this all work in real life and not just the paper, big projects require big thinking. And big opportunities to implement new technologies and systems into place. "We grabbed the opportunity and fully implemented the instant information updates by our mobile application, introduced new journey management software, new HSE policy and many other tools that will our existing and potential customers benefit from now and in the future. So to evaluate – we made a big step forwards, feel confident at what we do and we are ready for the challenges to come," summarizes Lubomir Cech.

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