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Sugarman & Company Engages Forensic CPA in Santa Rosa and San Francisco, California

To solve financial crimes, assess the work of employees, and help businesses with their finances, one should consult with forensic CPA in Santa Rosa and San Francisco, California.


San Francisco, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/21/2019 --Forensic accounting offers several benefits in terms of solving financial crimes, assessing the work of professionals, helping businesses with their finances, and more. Apart from being used as a tool to gather evidence for crimes, it can be used in detecting and identifying crimes.

Forensic accounting is also essential to assess the work of professionals, and the findings from this assessment, in turn, can help in filing professional negligence claims against those who have been proven to have made critical errors.

One of the most important benefits of using forensic accounting is to detect anomalies among their staff and with third parties they're working with. The purchasing records of an employee can be checked with the help of a forensic CPA in Santa Rosa and San Francisco, California to see what for the purchases were made.

Sugarman & Company is a leading consulting and accounting firm serving corporate and individual clients nationwide. With forensic accounting, workouts and bankruptcy, court-appointed fiduciary services, and expert witness testimony, Sugarman & Company specialize in crafting solutions for financially distressed companies or enterprises.

As a full-service company business, Sugarman & Company has been assisting troubled private and public companies, evaluating situations, and developing and implementing survival strategies. There is no situation that is too large, complex or challenging for Sugarman & Company.

With years of association with many companies in and around San Francisco for long, Sugarman & Company has developed a strong network to tap into any reorganization project. Other areas of expertise include property liquidation and the local estate market.

The skilled associates pay considerable attention to accounting concepts and to any requirements to provide an accurate and fair view of the activities of a business to parties external to it.

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Sugarman & Company provides forensic accounting, expert witness testimony, litigation support, and workout and bankruptcy consulting. It specializes in implementation of cost controls and assumption of management responsibilities, prepares extensive financial analyses, and negotiates with creditors and supervises orderly liquidation of assets.