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Sugarman Company LLP Helps Detect Crimes with Forensic Accounting in Davis and Santa Rosa

With advanced forensic accounting services, it’s become easier than ever to investigate fraud and embezzlement and to analyze financial information for use in legal proceedings.


San Francisco, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/20/2019 --Forensic accounting nowadays has seen lots of improvement. Gone are the days of huge ledgers that used to perform bookkeeping job slowly. With forensic accounting, the process has become simpler than ever.
Today, no business can function properly without proper accounting. Handling such a task is not a child's play. It demands a lot more transparency. The development of IT and other technologies have redefined the online forensic accounting in Davis and Santa Rosa, which was viewed as only experimental only a few years ago.
The reason this industry has embraced the technology so late is that it could not get rid of its passion for the pen and pencil work. Today, the onus of responsibility to improve the business process prompts even large firms to embrace online technology.
With more than 50 years of experience and expertise, Sugarman & Company LLP has been providing forensic accounting services to plaintiff and defense attorneys throughout all stages of pre-trial and courtroom activities.
Online forensic accounting can significantly cut short the time taken to move the time by info exchange among the clients and company. The seamless transfer is far more reliable and much quicker. The powerful connectivity enables users to access customer records from far away areas with a couple of clicks online.
In addition to performance and charge of services, online accounting enables much better customer support and more credibility and trust. The new practice brings about more clarity to the process.
The experts at Sugarman & Company possess a high level of experience and skill to trace the source of the crime. They also use its expertise to investigate backward and reach the source of the crime.
The online forensic accounting services also enable the forensic audit to find out the culprits involved in the crime.
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Sugarman & Company provides forensic accounting, expert witness testimony, litigation support, and workout and bankruptcy consulting. It specializes in implementation of cost controls and assumption of management responsibilities, prepares extensive financial analyses, and negotiates with creditors and supervises orderly liquidation of assets.