Sun Fund Seeks Equity Crowdfunding to Expand Their Roll out of Solar Power Projects

In addition to an equity position, investors gain access to a pre ICO offering leveraging cryptocurrency.


Milford, CT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/13/2018 --Sun Fund is a vertically integrated renewable energy company that develops and owns profitable solar projects. Their projects generate predictable, cash flows with long-term power purchase agreements.

Unlike other companies seeking crowdfunding where their business model are much more often theoretical than actual, Sun Fund is a real-world company building revenue-generating renewable energy assets as they develop a blockchain currency platform based on Ethereum.

Sun Fund is also bringing renewable energy to Bitcoin and other coin mining operations to help make coin mining environmentally sustainable. Bitcoin mining operations are notorious for their eye-popping consumption of electricity leading to concerns of global warming through the consumption of fossil fuels like coal to power the energy-hungry Bitcoin mining farms that consume as much energy as entire countries.

With the ability to implement smart contracts on a distributed ledger, the Sun Fund token will bring liquidity and a store of value for renewable energy assets while also helping to eliminate layers of barriers between global financial and energy markets.

With an existing pipeline of over 55 megawatts of projects company initiatives are to put investors' dollars to work in generating revenue immediately.

Investment & Future Utility Tokens

This SEC registered investment consists of preferred shares plus an additional SAFT (Simple Agreement for Future Tokens) for utility tokens issued by the company at the price sold in their anticipated ICO (Initial Coin Offering).

In connection with the purchase of the shares, Purchasers shall receive from the Company, if and when the Company has a future token generation event in which investors will receive a number of tokens equal to the value of the investment amount. These tokens are separate from and in addition to the Series Seed Preferred Stock that the purchaser will own in addition to the tokens.

Details of the investment offering are available on StartEngine -

The official Sun Fund Website -

About Sun Fund
Sun Fund is tokenizing the renewable energy sector with an asset-backed digital currency and supporting blockchain infrastructure technology. Unlike other blockchain projects in the electricity and renewable energy sectors, Sun Fund is focused on building an asset-backed token to connect investors directly with renewable energy producers. Sun Fund's decentralized applications will allow investors and producers to interact on a peer-to-peer basis, eliminating the friction of the current system and opening up investment to renewable energy projects of all sizes globally.