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Sunlife Paint Launches Color Tracker Software

On July 14, 2008, Sunlife Paint of Ahwatukee opened its doors for business giving customers a unique blend of good old-fashioned customer service with innovative software. Color Tracker by RockWare® will maintain not only a color name, but also the type of paint, the date the paint was tinted, and even the room being painted, easily accessible at the touch of a button.


Phoenix, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/14/2008 -- Sunlife Premium Paint announces the launch of Color Tracker by RockWare®, the next generation software program that saves a customer’s paint color details allowing for easy matching at any time in the future. The software launch coincided with the opening of Sunlife Paint in Ahwatukee, 4025 E. Chandler Blvd., the first expansion since owner Ron Kuhn purchased the company in 2007.

Color Tracker eliminates the need for customers to save extra paint for touch-ups. No more dealing with dripping cans, no more mess of pouring a small amount of paint into another container, or, even worse, no more searching in the garage among all the other paint cans for the right one. At Sunlife Paint, the color formula and other details of every can of paint that gets tinted are entered into the system, and maintained indefinitely, and have been since 1994. An actual sample of the paint is also kept indefinitely for additional accuracy. Customers will get a perfect match, even if they purchased the original paint years before.

Sunlife’s previous software has allowed much of the same color information to be maintained since 1994, marking Sunlife as the industry leader in color retention capabilities. The new system, however, has networked the information across all three Sunlife Paint locations. Customers can now access their color details at any Sunlife store. Information can be quickly looked up under the color name, the purchaser’s name, the job name, or even the date the paint was purchased.

Since 1986, Sunlife Premium Paint has manufactured paints and coatings specifically formulated for Arizona’s climate. During these 22 years, this has meant not only shielding surfaces from relentless UV rays, and protecting against water damage, but also moving towards more environmentally-friendly products. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs), traditional components of paint that give it durability among other desirable characteristics, but that also are released into the air while the paint is still wet, have been greatly reduced. Sunlife Premium Paint is nearly odorless, yet still offers premium performance.

Ron Kuhn, with over 25 years in the paint industry says, “Our goal is to provide customers with a locally-made product, customized for the Arizona environment, at reasonable prices that won’t break the budget. And, now with our new Ahwatukee location, we are conveniently accessible to even more people.”

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About Sunlife Premium Paint:
Sunlife Premium Paint, manufacturer of architectural and industrial paints and coatings since 1986, manufactures paint in Phoenix, and operates three full-service, company-owned stores in the Phoenix area, serving commercial, industrial, and residential customers. Sunlife Premium Paint distributes its paint elsewhere in Arizona through independent paint stores.