Sunsen Released Its Telescopic Handle 9U07DD-D3 for Tool Box Trolley

Features of Wear Resistance and the Universal Use are its Sparkling Points


Guangdong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/26/2018 --Sunsen, a well-experienced manufacturer for luggage accessories like telescopic suitcase handles and universal luggage wheels, rolled out a brand new telescopic handle 9U07DD-D3 for tool box trolley.

"Over these years, we have constantly been sticking to the principle that we should be trying hard to provide reliable products for our customers,"said by Sue, the marketing manager of Sunsen, "Thus, we've always launched either telescopic luggage handles or universal wheels for suitcase or trolley, which aim to meet customers'need, into the market. This time, we created 9U07DD-D3. And we hope its anti-friction and broad uses for tool box trolley or luggage would please our customers." Sue continued.

9U07DD-D3 appears as a black telescopic handle, which is of a common color in the market. Meanwhile, different from some traditional ones which are clumsy, it looks quite slim, which may seem more stylish than other ones. The simple but fashionable design also allows it to fit various kinds of trolleys or luggage.

Apart from that, it's also born with these appealing characteristics.

On the top of the list, it's wear-resistant. That results from the technology of anodizing adopted on the surface. To put it simply, anodizing is the process of forming a film of oxide on the anode of aluminum products. Thanks to this metal film of oxide, the condition and property, such as the color, have been changed. In this way, this film of oxide is beneficial to enhance the corrosion resistance, wear resistance and hardness. Therefore, the metal surface of 9U07DD-D3 could be adequately protected.

Additionally, the specification of 9U07DD-D3 is precise and smooth, so it's easy to fit. In other words, it could be suitable for different types of tool box trolleys or luggage because it could be customized.

Last but not least, what may add to users' sense of happiness when using it is its light weight. Basically, people would hardly reject a trolley or luggage with a lightweight handle. Also, 9U07DD-D3 is about to attract customers with its lightweight property.

About Sunsen
Established in 2009, Sunsen has been a manufacturer for universal luggage wheels and telescopic luggage handles. Since it was set up, it has been devoting to producing the telescopic system and related equipment for luggage accessories, like handles and wheels. Its max production relies on its advanced semi-automatic and fully automatic production lines and modern manufacturing equipment. In 2006, it progressed by obtaining the high-tech enterprises certification and intellectual property management system certification. Then it entered into a new state for its anodizing factory was founded in 2010. Because of these exceptional conditions, Sunsen has cooperated with a large number of domestic and foreign famous luggage brands. From these experiences, it has made a great many breakthroughs. Following the principle that always giving its all to provide the goods and services as good as possible, it monitors the quality of its products by using product testing equipment. In the upcoming days, Sunsen would be striving to create more value for its customers. Feel free to visit