SupaSounds - The World's First Sound Service for Mobile App Developers


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/27/2012 --SupaSounds has launched a new sound service that is the first of its kind to be aimed at the mobile app developer community, be it for Apple iOS, Google Android, Windows Phone, or other platforms. With its simple pricing model and supporter mentality, SupaSounds strives to cater to the needs of independent app developers in particular. For developers, finding the right sound for their apps can be a problem. Sound and music are of special importance when it comes to games. Budget conscious developers without a musical background are often at a loss how to tackle the "sound issue".

With its new service, SupaSounds seeks to provide a compelling solution to this problem. The SupaSounds website ( lists hundreds of royalty free music tracks, with regular updates and new content being planned. The majority of the tracks are 30 second or longer sound loops that are optimized for continuous looping. All tracks can be previewed on the site and can be viewed by either music genre or game type. This gives developers who are not well versed in music a convenient way of finding the right sounds for their app. SupaSounds also offers a personalized recommendation service for developers looking for custom suggestions from the library or tailor made music for their app.

For its new service, SupaSounds has opted to drop traditional licensing models and complicated royalty agreements. Instead, SupaSounds' "30 second sound loops" are offered at flat rates that are well below the average cost for a typical game production. Developers can opt to join the SupaSounds partner program where they will receive tracks of their choice and promotional support in exchange for including the SupaSounds logo in their app. Should an app with SupaSounds music reach the Top 25 in the Apple App Store or Android Market, the tracks in question will no longer be available for purchase to other users. Currently tracks can be purchased via PayPal, and users will automatically have their files emailed to them as Zip archives once payment is complete.

All "30 second sound loops" are offered as MP3 files encoded at the highest possible quality (320 Kbps). Due to the nature of the MP3 file format, it is generally difficult to achieve seamless looping in the file itself. SupaSounds has worked around this problem, and all tracks are perfectly loopable without annoying gaps. Uncompressed WAV files can be provided upon request.