Super Angel Investor and Advisor Ryan Scott Joins the First Pharmaceutical ICO by BlockRx

Improving the overall health of the pharmaceutical supply chain and the patients it serves.


East Norriton, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/06/2017 --BlockRx, the first ICO geared to secure the Pharmaceutical industry and incentivize positive patient outcomes, announces internet marketing pioneer Ryan Scott is joining as Executive Advisor.

"The BlockRx project has great potential to impact not just the pharmaceutical industry, but healthcare outcomes as a whole," says Mr. Scott. "It is a unique opportunity that incentivizes both patients and business to share their data in a cryptographically secure way, leveraging the power of blockchain technology. The end goal is better health outcomes for patients, and improved business process and traceability for the Pharma industry."

Ryan Scott is an entrepreneur, social impact investor, humanist, philanthropist and online marketing pioneer, having developed and patented the double opt-in email methodology. After selling NetCreations in 2001 for $111 million, Ryan became the founder of Causecast and a an angel investor and advisor alongside Sequoia Capital, Mark Cuban, News Corp, CBS Corporation, Elon Musk, and Burda Media, in a number of companies such as Inside, Tesla, CrowdFunder, Tiltify,, Principle Power, Signum Biosciences, Greener World Media, Sierra Nevada Solar.

"With Mr. Scott joining the BlockRx Project as an Executive Advisor, we draw not only from his experience, but a shared vision that an incentivized Blockchain will improve the Pharma supply chain." explains Gordon Tampol, CEO of iSolve. "The global pharma market is an $800 billion industry, while the counterfeited medicine business is estimated between $75-200 billion with a significant impact on patients. The BlockRx Pharma Ecosystem will provide the transparency, security and incentives needed to shield patients."

The BlockRx Pharma Ecosystem is a robust solution incorporating Hyperledger Sawtooth, an open source blockchain framework hosted by the Linux Foundation, and spearheaded by Intel; the BlockRx Token for blockchain entries and data exchange; and iSolve's Advanced Digital Ledger Technology (ADLT) to integrate legacy systems with the blockchain.

The BlockRx Token will be the primary means of rewarding trade partners and consumers for utilizing the blockchain as a vehicle for managing data entries pertaining to drug development and logistics. The BlockRx Token will be used to provide valuable information to other trusted partners through the BlockRx Pharma Ecosystem and can also serve as a medium of exchange for the acquisition of intellectual property, services, and data exchange. See the BlockRx white paper for complete details.

About BlockRx ICO
The BlockRx Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is scheduled to run until January 31, 2017. During this time BlockRx invites investors to become better acquainted with the company before they choose to support the project. The ICO period is set for a limited time.

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About BlockRx™
BlockRx™ is a series of initiatives by iSolve which leverage the blockchain and iSolve's Advanced Digital Ledger Technology™ (ADLT™). The platform is a comprehensive solution to fully integrate Life Science Researchers, BioPharma Companies, Medical Device Manufacturers, Retailers and Healthcare Providers to improve patient outcomes.

About iSolve
iSolve is dedicated to supporting organizations throughout the drug development lifecycle. By developing cutting edge blockchain solutions that help align company initiatives with strategic partners, we will help organizations achieve their corporate goals and expand their enterprise.

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