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Super Coco "Will You Be My Friend?" Children's Book Released to Bring Attention to Inclusion

Inspired by the unlikely friendship of a rooster and a pigeon on the island of Aruba, a new children’s book teaches kids that becoming someone’s friend can be easy when you open your heart and mind.


California, MD -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/19/2019 --In an age where digital connection runs rampant, who would have thought the art of making a real-life friend would take such a hit? Now on Amazon's virtual shelves, the new book entitled, Super Coco "Will You Be My Friend?" gives kids a leg up. Co-authored by Dr. Jay M. Lipoff and his wife Julie, the book is a fun-filled adventure inspired by real animals on the island of Aruba. The book takes a hint from nature to teach one of life's most valuable lessons; embracing diversity can lead to new and rewarding friendships. Coco earns the name "Super" because of his ability to look past differences and welcome everyone as his friend.

Dr. Jay said of the book, "Although the story takes place in Aruba, it brings a message to children everywhere acknowledging the difficulties that come with making new friends and highlighting the rewards gained when you open your heart and have a willingness to see past differences. The book takes a relatable look at the effects of bullying and how the biased outlook of culture need not separate us from each other. Our hope is to bring understanding to kids at their most sincere and impressionable age. We'd also like to help some of Aruba's abused and forgotten animals along the way."

Numerous copies of Super Coco were given to Aruban nonprofit organizations who rescue and rehabilitate abused and displaced animals locally, and find them new homes. The organizations include the Donkey Sanctuary, Sgt. Pepper's Friends, New Life for Paws, Nine Lives Foundation, Luna Foundation, and Animal Rights Aruba.

"The hope is that these dedicated organizations can directly benefit from the sale of the books. In addition to that, we commit to giving a portion of all global sales to Aruban non-profit organizations that help animals on the island. We're committed to doing all we can to inspire children to embrace diversity and foster new friendships, while supporting real animals in need of human kindness, by sharing "Coco's" message." adds co-author Julie Lipoff.

To purchase the book on Amazon, visit https://amzn.to/30aCu7z.

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