SuperCharged, LLC.

SuperCharged Launches First Voice Analysis Health App

SuperCharged, LLC. is @TechCrunch Disrupt, San Francisco, Sept. 21-23 CEO says: “This ‘Uberizes’ Health & Performance”


Santa Cruz, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/15/2015 --SuperCharged is primed to share its groundbreaking health and performance voice resonance technology at TechCrunch Disrupt, San Francisco on Sept. 21-23.

Supercharged empowers the individual by making health and performance incredibly simple and this is the perfect venue for rolling out its revolutionary technologies. TechCrunch Disrupt attracts over 2,500 leading technology innovators and investors and 150 new startups. This year SuperCharged will be a featured participant, offering up the fascinating details of a phone app that frankly changes the way we look at health.

"Simply put, SuperCharged is about optimizing health and performance through innovations in quantum biology," explains Harry Massey, the company's CEO and founder. "The company is based on 12 years of research into quantum physics, human biology, water science and clinical experience. The result is a new philosophy of healing that totally transforms the way we view aging, energy, peak performance and endurance."

Massey has streamlined the physics of biology and created technology that is effective, toxin free and affordable. Using state-of-the-art voice resonance technology, the Personal Performance App gives the consumer personalized analysis and information, and then recommends specific products and programs.

"Think of it this way," Massey explains, "rather than spend upwards of $5,000 for blood, urine and stool tests, doctor visits and additional medical treatments, the SuperCharged app can detect and correct users' health and performance. Plus, this can be done anywhere, anytime – without spending hours at a doctor's office, and for a fraction of the cost."

The SuperCharged movie (and upcoming book) focuses on how this new science changes our view of human physiology and how life is one big, interconnected energy-transferring machine. The vast and varied brilliance behind the project includes Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagier, health radio celebrity Dave Asprey, Prof. Gerald Pollock, neurosurgeon Dr. Jack Kruse; Mae-wan Ho, quantum biologist, and cardiologist Dr. Stephen Sinatra, to name just a few.

SuperCharged will now be helping users everywhere dramatically improve their energy, stamina, and every part of their health with its new, innovative Personal Performance App.

"The way Uber changed transportation," Massey explains, "this app changes healthcare. It uses breakthrough voice resonance technology to determine your body's weakest areas. Like a personal health coach, it offers specific solutions to help relieve your problems and supercharge your health."

TechCrunch Disrupt attendees are encouraged to visit the SuperCharged Start Up Alley in the Health / Sports / Travel section. For more in-depth information on this innovative approach to total health, visit or contact Kelly Crow 831-359-2091,

About Harry Massey, SuperCharged CEO
In 2002, propelled by a passion to overcome a serious illness of his youth, Massey founded NES Health Limited where he invented two aware winning clinical technologies. He went on to write and produce the best-selling health documentary, The Living Matrix: The New Science of Healing, which delved into cutting-edge approaches to health. Harry founded SuperCharged bringing the benefits of Quantum Biology to the masses in a personalized highly effective way.

About Sarah Turner, SuperCharged Founder & Head of Research
Sarah began her career as a research scientist. She worked for 6 years at GlaxoSmithKline where she investigated how "charge" in the human body relates to physiological function, and how this could be applied to inhaled products. Sarah left the pharmaceutical industry to pursue a degree in Nutritional Medicine and also earned a master's degree in Neuroscience/Psychophysiology of Stress. In her search for a deeper, more holistic approach to healthcare, she met Harry Massey and became Head of Research for NES Health, a bio-energetic medicine company with cutting-edge products. Sarah is co-producing the movie "SuperCharged" and is a partner and spokesperson of SuperCharged LCC.