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Superior AC Repair Cypress Encouraging Air Conditioning Maintenance to Help Stop the Spread of COVID-19

Is coronavirus spreading through the air conditioning system? Superior AC Repair Cypress is scheduling fast & friendly air conditioning maintenance services to keep residential and commercial buildings ventilation systems clean.


Cypress, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/03/2020 --As analysts, scientists, and health professionals continue to research the coronavirus, its spread, and the potential for airborne contraction, some studies have indicated that it could be present in ventilation and air conditioning systems. The dedicated HVAC contractors from Superior AC Repair Cypress are now insisting that all of their residential and commercial clients, past, present, and future, make an appointment for air conditioning maintenance in Cypress, Texas, as quickly as possible.

The new normal throughout the state, country, and the world isn't what anyone was expecting, but now that it's here, Americans are learning how to adapt and what to do to protect themselves and each other from getting infected. The team from Superior AC Repair Cypress operates closely with the members of the community, and they are one of the few heating and cooling companies in Cypress that is locally owned and operated. With the long-term connection, the HVAC contractors are genuinely considered and eager to do what they can to help the people they have lived around and served for over the past two decades.

The operator of Superior AC Repair Cypress has stated, "COVID-19 is definitely not something we trained for, but now that it's arrived and so very prevalent, we have to do what we can to help the people of our area stay safe. With our extensive training and knowledge of ventilation and air conditioning services, we understand how essential it is to keep these systems as clear and clean as possible. We want our customers to know that we pay meticulous attention to every detail so that they can rest assured we eliminate all dirt, dust, debris, and even viruses such as the coronavirus and influenza."

The industry standard for AC maintenance for energy-efficiency and performance is typically once a year. Most commonly, homeowners and business operators take care of it in the Spring, but there's never a wrong time to have your central air conditioning, or other units looked at. Besides cleaning up the air, customers also get the added benefit of having their devices operate at optimum levels. After the AC maintenance company is through, many report lower utility bills and overall greater comfort.

Air conditioning maintenance is currently available for both residential and commercial locations, but they say their schedule is filling up quickly after a hectic start to the season. During the AC maintenance, they are keeping everyone comfortable by working following no-contact, social distancing guidelines, including wearing personal protection equipment and face coverings. Anyone wishing to have this task completed with physician-ordered health protocols or other concerns can discuss their individual needs when calling.

Besides completing some of the most attentive services for air conditioning maintenance and cleaning of ventilation systems, this HVAC company has other options for breathing better air that are a little more familiar. Commonly, one of the jobs that they do for people is improving conditions like asthma and allergies. Air filtration is becoming dual-purpose during the pandemic.

"We have already taken the time to attain high-quality equipment for air filtration and purification services in Cypress, so this is just an extension of one of the essential tasks we already provide. You might be surprised just how dirty your inside air is, and we've seen some homes and office spaces in pretty bad shape. We have several reasonably priced solutions for our customers that are concerned about maintaining the quality of their air after the initial cleaning is done."

The business owner at Superior AC Repair Cypress wants everyone to know that they have licensed and certified HVAC technicians that will go over the details of any service and all new equipment they are considering. Everyone employed through this heating and cooling company goes through extensive training and continued education, especially during trying times such as these. Anyone who purchases a new air filtration system receives a free year of maintenance and service with the completed installation.

One of the most significant worries that many have during these trying times is budgeting for home improvement projects and determining how important it is. With over 17 million people around the United States already unemployed, people are doing what they can to hold onto the funds they have. Superior AC Repair Cypress is aware of the current state of the economy, and they are doing what they can to make this accessible to everyone. They offer a reasonable $45 service call fee, completely free evaluations, and if hired to do the job, the initial charge is waived. 10% discounts are also available for police, active and veteran military, and senior citizens. Limited-time special offers may also be discovered when calling to schedule an air conditioning maintenance, repair, installation, or replacement,

If you're interested in learning more about how an air conditioning maintenance will keep you healthier, reach out to the customer care representivies at the office of Superior AC Repair Cypress by emailing them at You can also explore their website,, to learn more about this much-needed air conditioning repair or any of the other services that they have available.

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