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Mister HighDef Uses Home Automation To Put Control Of The Home into Consumers’ Hands


Brooklyn, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/11/2014 --Now more than ever homeowners are looking for convenient ways to take control of their home. And Mr. High Def is helping them realize their dreams and give consumers the kind of control they are looking for.

In the past, large homes encountered problems with home automation from one room to the next. But that is because they were operating on wired systems. Mr. High Def uses sophisticated radio frequencies for large homes so that consumers can have complete control over their home.

When it is time to put the children to bed, parents can switch off their television from downstairs. And when homeowners want to make sure they are saving electricity without physically turning off each light, they can control every light in the house from their remote.

The technology allows for an unprecedented level on control in homes of any size. Tasks that would have previously required that homeowners walk from one room to the next are now able to be taken care of from any room in the house with the press of a button. This level of convenience is what many homeowners are looking for.

Mr. High Def’s home automation systems allow homeowners to live more comfortably. They can set temperature controls in rooms before they enter them to ensure that they are comfortable for when they get there. Security systems can be armed remotely without the need to physically be at a control panel. These are just some of the many experiences that home automation makes possible. And Mr. High Def puts all these systems under a single network to ensure they work flawlessly every time.

The home of the future is available today from Mr. High Def.

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Mr. High Def has been the leading name in home theater and quality surround sound systems. Their expertise and competitive prices have made them the premier choice for consumers looking to enjoy the latest technology and to receive professional services in audiovisual design and installation.