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Superus Careers Launches National Professional Services Talent Agency Amid Mortgage Industry Hiring Surge

With mortgage lenders needing to expand mortgage banking operations, and customer service teams to meet demand, Superus Careers, has launched recruiting services to quick success.


Baltimore, MD -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/22/2020 --Superus Careers quietly launched in the spring of 2020. With record unemployment and hiring freezes, some may have questioned the logic in starting a staffing business. That didn't deter CEO, Larry Silver, who understood the highs and lows of cyclical business having spent the last 20 years in mortgage banking prior to launching Superus Careers. Now, he is building successful relationships between talent and organizations across the industry.

"I started my own mortgage firm in my twenties and was an executive at the center of a fast-growing operation in my thirties. For me, I've always been recruiting," commented the clearly passionate and driven executive. "It feels very liberating having talent be the sole focus, since I've developed so much experience in this vital area. We build impactful relationships with businesses and with candidates, continually raise the bar and operate with the highest standards. Many consider working with us a competitive edge."

Having interviewed thousands of potential hires over the years, people always asked him what he enjoyed most. The answer always was "The People". Silver continued, "I love assessing talent, understanding the needs of the corporation and watching the hires flourish over the years. It's always been special."

Jeff Schummer, VP Education and Business Development at The Mortgage Bankers Association said, "I was highly impressed with Larry's vision and keen attention to detail to build a highly successful companywide recruiting and training program." That same attention to detail has transferred to his newest venture. Creating career matches between talent and organizations was at the center of why he started Superus Careers.

In addition to his role as a full time executive, Larry has been an adjunct professor at The Robert H. Smith School of Business at The University of Maryland, teaching Career Strategies in Business. Teaching critical lessons in navigating the job search landscape; managing social profiles, networking and crafting resumes in order to present their best selves. So many candidates and companies seem ill-equipped to manage the recruiting process appropriately. It's not just about the number of people in the seats, it comes down to cultural fit and bridging the gap between talent and organizations.

The wrong selection of talent can have significant costs associated. One example is time. Many candidates and employers spend an enormous amount of time to find a job or fill a role. Not finding the best cultural fit will lead to unfulfilled promise, on both sides. The expense of training and development, pales in comparison to the lost time. Superus Careers was founded by professional services executives who became frustrated with mismatched new hires to solve this very issue. Through years of experience in talent acquisition, hiring, training and development, they knew there had to be a better way to find a better way to match those looking and those hiring, for long term success together.

Encouraged by executives across industries, Silver took the leap of faith to make a difference in a bigger way. Best-Selling Author and Renowned Customer Service Consultant, John DiJulius remarked that there are, "Very few with the passion and expertise that Larry has around talent development, recruiting, and executive coaching!"

Too many organizations have misaligned internal and external recruiting functions and Superus Careers set out to change the landscape. "He knows a thing or two about selection and getting the right people in the right positions. He is terrific at finding solutions that drive productivity. He makes things happen," adds Dave Loeser, a seasoned HR Executive at the likes of PepsiCo, Continental Airlines, Hostess, Unisys and others. This is at the core of Superus Careers mission which is centered around matching high quality candidates with high quality careers.

Leveraging cutting-edge technology alongside high-touch, customized experiences, Superus Careers marries the future of recruiting with a personal, consultative approach to focus on total fit and alignment with every search.

Larry closed with an insightful message for talent considering working with Superus Careers, "You've worked hard to get where you are today in your career. When you're ready to move forward or make a change, you deserve to find an opportunity that is aligned with your strengths and goals. Knowing when, how and where to make a move isn't always easy. At Superus Careers, our services are centered around you and your career. You are an individual with personal motivations, goals and your own unique definition of success. We work with your best interests in mind, acting as your advocate to ensure you are matched with your ideal opportunity and to help you make informed choices about your career."

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Superus Careers places talented professionals with exceptional organizations across the country. We are redefining recruiting by leveraging cutting-edge technology and business intelligence to guide personal relationships. This high-tech, high-touch approach yields efficient, accurate matches that focus on total alignment, bringing talent and organizations together. Every candidate is technically qualified for the role, culturally aligned and ready to add value to the organization. Attention to detail and passion for results is what makes candidates and companies choose Superus Careers. When the right person is in the right role at the right company, everyone wins.