Support to Publish Flipbook as a Plugin Now Available on eFlip Standard has announced the ability to publish flipbooks as a plugin using the eFlip Standard PDF conversion and e-book publishing software.


GuangZhou, Guangdong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/16/2013 --With eFlip Standard, has announced it is now possible for users to publish a flipbook as a plugin. Users can now install a flipbook plugin on their WordPress websites. This new feature enables them to display the book on pages and posts, and allow even more people to see it who visit WordPress-based sites.

WordPress has grown from a blog-oriented tool to one many people have turned to for publishing websites. It has also added many features for successfully accomplishing this. The flipbook software developer has responded to this trend by adding a new function to its eFlip Standard software. As a result, users can now insert a flipbook directly into a WordPress website.

To accomplish this, users of eFlip Standard need to click on the Publish option from the top panel of the software interface. A range of options appears; it is the “Plugin for Joomla, WordPress, Drupal” that is needed to proceed. Next, one must define the output folder and file name, click “Publish”, and receive the file name that gets converted into a .zip file. Users then install the flipbook plugin into Wordpress by logging in to the online system, clicking “Plugins>>Add New” in the menu, and uploading the output file. They then click on “Install Now”.

Next, once the flipbook plugin is activated, the option for the flipbook will appear in the menu. All the user then has to do is copy and past the code to a page or post, and the flipbook will appear in it. In addition to this new and useful function, users can still share flipbooks as Flash, .exe, .html, .app, or as CD files. These can also be published online via FTP.

To learn more about the flipbook publishing and development options included in eFlip Standard, and how to use the new WordPress plugin feature, go to

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