SupportMarket Brings Convenient IoT Tech Support to the Masses


Las Vegas, NV -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/07/2018 --These days, more devices are connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) than ever before. However, all of that connectivity brings with it a whole host of technical issues for consumers. When people buy connected products from a variety of different brands, there is no guarantee that everything will work together as it should right off the bat.

As people hook up more and more devices to their connected systems, they open themselves up to complications when the products are not all compatible with each other. Contacting customer service for each product can be tedious and time-consuming, and customers may have to call multiple companies to address each issue, as the problem may span multiple devices from several different brands.

SupportMarket aims to make this process easier than ever for consumers by bringing technical support for all brands all under one roof. SupportMarket platform will be utilising Distributed Ledger Technology called IOTA Tangle to effectively de-centralise support services and combine this with it's artificial intelligence called Aiisma which will match each customer request with appropriate support professional.

This system benefits not just the consumers, but the support staff as well. Rather than working full-time for a large organization, tech support workers can log in and work on their own schedules, getting paid for each job they complete. By cutting out the major companies, SupportMarket can provide more comprehensive technical support for customers and a more flexible work environment for the technical experts.

The system also incorporates gamification in the form of a ranking system for each particular device. As a support staff member completes more jobs on a particular device, they can level up to be able to take on more challenging, higher paying jobs according to their level.

SupportMarket is currently seeking investors on the crowdfunding platform, StartEngine. The campaign has a funding goal of $107,000, of which it has already brought in more than $8,000. Investors can get a piece of the company for a minimum investment of just $250. For that price, investors will get 1,000 shares of Series CF Preferred Stock in the company.

The campaign will continue through the end of August 2018, after which SupportMarket will move into beta testing of the platform and its AI capabilities. SupportMarket expects to launch the full platform by the end of the year.