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Surgical Risk Solutions, LLC Launches COMPLICATION INSURANCE

Surgical Risk Solutions, LLC Launches Revolutionary New Product COMPLICATION INSURANCE® Provides Financial Security for Surgical Patients


Jacksonville, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/03/2010 -- Surgical Risk Solutions, LLC announced today the introduction of a unique new insurance product designed to provide financial resources to surgical patients in the event that they have adverse outcomes following surgery. COMPLICATION INSURANCE® is a patent-pending insurance product that provides accidental death and dismemberment insurance to patients at a reasonable cost.

“Every surgery, no matter how minor, comes with risks. Fear of an unforeseen adverse outcome is every patient’s concern,” says Andrew Kagan, Chief Executive Officer of Surgical Risk Solutions (SRS). “What will happen to my family if my recovery is delayed or if I don’t survive? What can I do to protect my family from financial problems if my medical expenses balloon? What if I am not around to provide for them? COMPLICATION INSURANCE® provides an easy and affordable way to assure that additional money is available to help offset unexpected costs. Most importantly, this policy pays whether or not there is medical error or fault involved in a covered accident. Having COMPLICATION INSURANCE® in place provides peace of mind for both the patient and his family

COMPLICATION INSURANCE® is a web based product and easy to access at The website also features educational information for over 70 surgical procedures, including cosmetic, eye and joint replacement surgery. For as little as $80, this unique product provides up to $200,000 worth of financial protection in case of death or other serious adverse outcomes such as brain damage or loss of use of an arm or a leg. Increased benefits are also available.

Kagan developed the concept for COMPLICATION INSURANCE® after he heard about a Florida man who died from a blood clot following a total joint replacement. The man’s family filed a lawsuit but lost at trial after the jury ruled that the physician had done nothing wrong. “The family spent years fighting in court, and they lost everything. They were broke. It was nobody’s fault that their loved one died,” Kagan says. “I kept thinking that there should have been some kind of protection for that family.”
COMPLICATION INSURANCE® is underwritten by QBE Insurance Corporation. QBE companies are rated “A” (Excellent) by A.M. Best and “A+” by Standard and Poor’s (ratings based on QBE Group and QBE Companies combined). Availability, prices and benefit levels may vary by state.

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