Sverdis Offers Businesses Free 14-Step Ransomeware Protection Plan for a Limited Time

Malware Attacks by Cyber Criminals Can Seriously Harm Businesses—Even Hospitals


Dubai, United Arab Emirates -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/16/2016 --Cyber criminals are getting smarter with their malware attacks—and even targeting institutions such as hospitals. With the need for cyber security to step up once again after the latest spate of attacks, information security company Sverdis has released a free 14-step plan to protect companies the vast majority of attacks.

"All too often, the solution for many is to simply purchase a security software pack or even appliances that promise to protect devices from malware. While this is a good start, companies can maximize their defenses by increasing their vigilance," said Sverdis' Chief Executive Officer, Alex Sverdlov. "This plan was created to help businesses of all sizes to maximize their defense. We are also here to help create custom plans that transform any business into a cyber fortress that hackers will think about twice before launching an attack."

The guide, which can be found at, offers a cyber security expert's guidelines on how to prevent a malware or ransomware attack from unscrupulous terrorists who now have the talent and finances to create malware that fools even the most vigilant of users.

It is believed that the new generation of smart cyber terrorists is prepared to attack businesses of all kinds, putting everyone at risk. The malicious code that they use can cause one computer—or even an entire network—to lock down.

With one hospital in Hollywood reporting that a malware attack led to paying the criminals $17,000 in the anonymous bitcoin currency in order to get systems back online, it is vital for companies worldwide to protect themselves against similar extortion—and worse.

The company's own malware consultancy service helps companies to configure servers and endpoints in just two weeks—without having to install any third party programs.

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