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SW Innovative Holdings Are in Negotiation with TROPTIONS Corp. for Landline Purchase Value $1 Million


Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/09/2017 --SW Innovative Holdings, Inc. (the "Company") d.b.a. Everybody's Phone Company, Inc., a provider of landline prepaid telephone services, are in negotiations with TROPTIONS Corporation for the purchase of 15,000 1st month LandLine In??nt?v? Packages.

SW Inn?v?t?v? H?ld?ng? ?? a leading l?ndl?n? ?r????d t?l??h?n? ??rv??? ?r?v?d?r ?n th? St?t? ?f T?x??. It ??ll? ?r????d, unl?m?t?d l???l t?l??h?n? ??rv??? t? the r???d?nt??l market, ?r?m?r?l? ?n gr??t?r H?u?t?n. Th? ??m??n? ?r???d?nt is N?rm?n G??rg?.

Th? telephone ?l??? ?n important r?l? ?n our l?v??, we all know this. It is u??d often ?n communicating w?th ?ur l?v?d ?n?? who ?r? f?r fr?m us. It ?? used ?n business tr?n???t??n?, emergency ?h?n? calls ?nd other things which make ?v?r?th?ng so ??nv?n??nt ?nd f??t.?

One ?r?v?d?r ?f l?ndl?n? prepaid telephone services. Is SWHI - SW Inn?v?t?v? H?ld?ng?, a leading ?r?v?d?r ?f l?ndl?n? prepaid t?l??h?n? ??rv???? is in negotiations with TROPTIONS Corp. TROPTIONS Crop has considered an ?ff?r on 15,000 1st month LandLine In??nt?v? Packages valued at a $1,000,000 value.

Landlines are not what most people think of these days when they think of phone equipment. But what you recive with a Landdline is ?n un?nt?rru?t?d ??gn?l; ??m?th?ng th?t m?b?l? ?h?n?? m?? f??l t? provide ??n?t?ntl?. Th?r? ??n b? ?n ?nt?rru?t??n ?n ??gn?l? fr?m th? n?tw?rk ?r?v?d?r? of m?b?l? ?h?n??. A? a r??ult, the v????? ?f callers in mobile ?h?n?? m?? be un?l??r ??m?t?m??, but ?n th? ???? ?f l?ndl?n? phones, th?r? is little chance ?f th?t.

Overall, local and long distance calls are cheaper. Security systems required by landlines are more difficult to hack than mobile phones. Not to mention that if you dial 9-1-1 from a landline phone, the emergency res-ponders can pinpoint your exact location unlike a mobile phone.

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Everybody's Phone Company is a new alternative to the large telecom providers that have dominated the local telephone service market.