SwankySwap Accessories Sharing Site Launched to Bring Shopping for a Greater Cause to the Well-Dressed Masses

Membership exchange site SwankySwap encourages sharing and shopping for a cause all over the globe.


Oak Park, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/27/2015 --Announcing the release of a new website called SwankySwap. This is a website that offers members gifts and items found in its website in exchange for slightly used costume/fashion jewelry and accessories. Created by people who love to wear fashion accessories, this membership website is not just all about swapping fashionable accessories but it also follows a purpose. Members from anywhere can swap their costume jewelry to benefit charities that also help women that are starting over as well.

SwankySwap supports accessories sharing around the world. Members send their accessories via mail to swankyswank.com and in return, they receive points depending on the value of the items they have sent. These points may be collected and exchanged to make purchases on the website.

There are different kinds of membership and each one has different benefits included. A $24.99 monthly membership plan offers a one-time free label for sending accessories and one-time accessories shop to name a few. An annual membership on the other hand offers discounted membership fees, one-time free shipment and free shipping and returns for each swap. Members are allowed to keep the accessories that they like and send back what they don't like and return shipments are free.

SwankySwap accepts jewelry and accessories in the following categories; earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets. It does not accept jewelry and accessories made of precious metals such as silver, gold or platinum and items that have precious stones such as rubies, sapphires and emeralds. SwankySwap does not accept items with missing stones, non-working clasps, with obvious signs of wear and tear and items that are not clean. This is to maintain their strict rules on quality accessories.

Fashion jewelry and accessories make every day wardrobe look fun and trendy. Even old clothes become just like new when worn with costume jewelry and accessories. Finding the right accessories and purchasing them is tedious and costly. An accessories/costume jewelry swapping site is a welcome sight for anyone who would like to be seen in stylish trends and would like to help out in the best way they can.

Some quotes from people that can't wait to use SwankySwap services, "This is for me because I love accessories and love that I can have access to so many."

"I never thought I would find such a great reason to clean out my accessories."

"Thank you for putting my extra accessories to good use."

For more information about SwankySwap visit http://www.swankyswap.com/ or email at customercare@swankyswap.com

About SwankySwap
SwankySwap is a site created by Daphne, who, at a very young age developed a keen fashion sense. Over the years she has invested time, money and effort in collecting accessories and fashion jewelry to match her outfits; unknown to her, she was slowly building an inventory of accessories to help her start SwankySwap.com. Now, she encourages everyone around the world to share their collections and to help organizations that support women to start their lives anew. This has been Daphne's goal and the goal of SwankySwap.

Official site is http://www.swankyswap.com/

Daphne Jones
Owner, SwankySwap