SWAPD Launch Proves That if Fame Can Be Bought Who's Watching the Store?

Five short months from its launch in the spring of 2017, SWAPD begs the question, “If fame can be purchased in thirty minutes or less, who’s controlling what’s seen on social media?”


Tarnow, Poland -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/25/2017 --Welcome to the new purchasing power of fame. Big companies are paying regular folks for their social media influence. Turning tables to give the little guy a piece of the pie, a renegade marketing move is on trend. Quantifying the nature of influence, no matter where it comes from, sites like SWAPD and VirtualAccounts are here to play. And play they do. For instance, SWAPD, with only five months under their belt, has thousands of listings for influencer accounts all up for sale or swap. The company is already a booming business thanks to big companies who pay for organic followers. Simple enough, right? But, an even bigger question looms. If companies and political organizations can generate a larger following by subversively buying influence on social media, which messages are real?

David Kosiba, CEO of SKYNET, Inc. said of the marketing power of social media, "A person doesn't really have to be famous for who they are to get a large social media following. I mean, pets are famous now on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. Their owners set them up with accounts and they get thousands of faithful followers daily. Do you think it's a coincidence when you check in with your favorite dog and today's post just happens to show the owner pouring dog chow in their dish? Can you read the label? There's a reason for that. These companies are top-of-mind because they use smart marketing. They're willing to pay upwards of $50k for influencer accounts to market to customers on social media without them consciously knowing it."

So, have a spectacular social media following that would look better as cash? Via an invite system, list the property - i.e., social media account, website, or domain and sell, buy, or swap it. With industry-leading response times, a 10% transaction fee applies for SWAPD as staff holds transactions in escrow for safety assurance, gives property audits, and price suggestions.

About SKYNET, Inc.
SKYNET, Inc. was founded in 2010 and is the parent company of and The company is fully-licensed and registered in Europe to buy, sell, and trade established social media accounts to marketing firms and website owners to optimize brand awareness.

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