Swarm IOU, Endorsed by Vitalik and ETH Foundation, Is Now Live on ZB.com


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/02/2021 --There is an old saying in the crypto space that there is no shortage of opportunities in the digital currency investment market. What is lacking is the wisdom and boldness to seize the opportunities!

While spot investors have suffered during the correction in the global digital asset market, another group of people who trade digital assets have made a lot of money. These are not spot investors, nor are they technology leaders in the blockchain industry, but short sellers who are not optimistic about the current expectations of the digital currency market. They are gaining popularity with IOU (futures trading), and more and more digital asset traders are moving from spot to futures.

Market data shows that since the middle of May, BTC price from the highest near 58000USDT rushed down to near 35000USDT at the end of May, a decline of 17000USDT. Taking one BTC short future as an example, calculated at 10 times leverage, a single short future can earn 170,000 USDT (equivalent to about 166K USDT) in the half month from the middle of May to the end of May.

Of course, in the process of future trading, in addition to the accurate prediction of market trends, the choice of token is also crucial. In the current volatile digital currency market, mainstream digital assets, though more "affordable" after a round of adjustments, are still beyond the reach of the small investor. However, other small tokens lack sufficient support from teams, capital and backgrounds, which makes it difficult for investors to invest at ease, let alone open future transactions. Therefore, new projects led by well-known teams are particularly attractive.

Swarm, along with its token BZZ, is one of the few projects currently in the crypto market that has this power.

Swarm endorsed by Vitailk
According to related news, Swarm project has been part of Ethereum's official project, and its mining project is directly linked to Ethereum 2.0's sharding program. The project is being driven by Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin, Gavin Wood and Jeffrey Wilcke, and is being developed by the Ethereum Foundation. In terms of technology, capital and overall framework, Swarm project, led by V, is a blockchain project with deep Ethereum genes and basically represents the future of Ethereum. Its value potential is far beyond the current forecast.

Swarm has its own unique incentive system built around three key management mechanisms. The basic principle of its management mechanism: first requires Swear to sign the Swarm incentive network contract with Peer; Then, Swap is required to manage the savings received from peers; Signed a SWEAR contract with Peer according to the network; Swarm, the main network of the program, instructed Swindle to determine whether peers were performing contract performance;Notice the legality of payment by SWAP; Finally, it is stipulated that Swindle determines the effectiveness of receipt. This sophisticated incentive system enables SWRAM project to achieve a point-to-point storage process with zero failure, no shutdown, and verification proof.

Swram's acoustic token, BZZ, serves on Swarm's network and offers digital currency incentives to customers who store and retrieve the service. At present, BZZ has not established the discovery mechanism, but it is certain that it must be with obvious financial nature. At present, the value of BZZ on the market has reached 5,000USDT.

ZB.com Swarm IOU
According to the official announcement of ZB, the platform has been online BZZ (Swarm) IUO trading.

Judging from the current digital asset trading market, ZB.com is the only digital asset exchange with sufficient solvency to support BZZ IUO.

And judging from the consistent trend of digital asset trading, the first investors to participate in the BZZ transaction are bound to receive extremely high expected returns. Judging by the 1m BZS that have been dropped by Swindle so far, there is still plenty of room for them to rise. So how to get involved early becomes the key. The IUO futures of ZB Exchange have become the fastest channel for investors to invest in BZZ futures.

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