SwellWomen Luxury Surf and Yoga Retreats Cultivate the New Concept of Slow Travel

Wellness today is defining travel like never before. The majority of travelers practice rituals to reduce stress at home and now continue those health routines on the road. SwellWomen Luxury Surf and Yoga Retreats are cultivating the concept of slow travel which reconnects guests with their rooted love for seeing the world.


Maui, HI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/22/2016 --Newness is essentially what every traveler craves when booking a far-flung trip, from unique experiences and cultures to diverse flavors and people. SwellWomen Luxury Surf and Yoga Retreats are honing in on the new, and ensuring their wellness retreats are not only based on experience, but also the ever-expanding concept of slow travel. "Traveling can be frantic and we are reminding our guests it doesn't have to be - we will connect you with nature, provide a sense of place, slow your mindset, and ensure you return home vitally renewed." says SwellWomen's Chief Executive of Bliss, Lulu Agan. And to keep it exciting, SwellWomen is expanding to the powdery white beaches of Tulum, Mexico starting May 2016 featuring a yoga-intensive retreat with renowned instructor Caroline Wybar. Tulum is a Caribbean-chic yet naturally wondrous destination atop the minds of many adventure and wellness junkies this year.

Similar to the slow food movement, the idea of slow travel removes retreat guests out of the heavily touristed areas of a destination and aims to strongly connect them to the local people, cuisine, and culture of a place. Instead of stressful sightseeing, the idea is to savor the fleeting moments and adventures along a trip. "It's not necessarily the length of time you visit a destination, it's the connection and state of mind," says Agan. Through surf, yoga, and the mantra of mindfulness, SwellWomen unites women and men from all over the world, ultimately allowing them to connect deeper with themselves. Guests understand that booking a retreat correlates to wellness and pampering, although SwellWomen encourages finding balance off the board and immersing themselves into their world-class surf and yoga destinations. Mindfulness is a tricky task in this age of media, so asking adventurous travelers to relish in the moment and not wanderlust for what's next, is an art in itself. SwellWomen is reminding their guests to slow down, unplug and get back to the source of why they originally love to travel - for an exclusive, uncommon, and refreshing escape.

About SwellWomen
SwellWomen provides luxury surf and yoga retreats to women and men seeking a newfound experience and wellness for the body, mind and spirit. Based on the Hawaiian island of Maui, SwellWomen has now broadened its reach to provide adventurous surf vacations on the pristine beaches of Nicaragua, El Salvador and Tulum, Mexico.

2016 Dates:
El Salvador - February 27-March 5 (SwellWomen).
Tulum, Mexico - May 28-June 4 (Caroline Wybar Co-ed Yoga Retreat).
Nicaragua - April 16-23 (SwellWomen), April 23-30 (SwellCo-ed).
Maui - July 24-30 (SwellWomen), August 14-20 (SwellCo-ed), September 4-10 (SwellWomen), and November 13-19 (SwellWomen).

Pricing for retreats range from $1,995 to $4,363 depending on choice of retreat & room occupancy.

Lulu Agan

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