SwellWomen Luxury Surf and Yoga Retreats Spark Global Romance

After ten years of bliss in Maui rejuvenating the feminine spirit, SwellWomen Luxury Surf and Yoga Retreats are now catering internationally to love and outright wellness junkies. Think exclusive, experiential luxury, and crazy-fresh cuisine.


Maui, HI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/16/2015 --Wellness is now top of mind for the modern traveler, which is music to the ears of leading surf and yoga retreat outfitters SwellWomen. Wellness has been the intuitive fabric of their mission for over a decade and now they are upping the ante. "We thought why not hand-pick three new exciting destinations, energize romance and get creative in the kitchen," says SwellWomen's Chief Executive of Bliss, Lulu Agan. Unsurprisingly a private chef to the rich and famous, Agan has menus mapped that will entice the health-conscious foodie without skimping on dessert. The first retreat in Nicaragua this past April rolled out their first raw food course with a renowned nutritionist and menu featuring pineapple-passion fruit carpaccio, crisp crudité rolls wrapped in coconut paper with miso cashew dipping sauce, and a divine chocolate-avocado mousse. Not to mention fresh lobster lifted out of the sea to the dinner table perched above the tide.

SwellWomen is also honing in on their SwellCo-ed offerings, enticing couples to book it back to nature. "Challenge exists in every relationship, and the art of surfing we teach colors outside the lines of life back home, erasing egos and unleashing the bare human spirit. It's like we are all kids again and everyone is on the same playground," says Agan. Men are absolutely marking their manhood and connecting to the outdoors more than ever, and the SwellCo-ed experience lends to the pack. Structured learning environments are also more appealing to the guys compared to the days of sheer bragging rights of getting bruised and beat up in the surf. Now inspiring active lifestyles to more than just your well-miled adventure traveler, the retreat team also instills the necessity of yoga and massage, while brilliantly sinking the guest experience deeper than the cush threadcount at the end of the day.

About SwellWomen
SwellWomen provides luxury surf and yoga retreats to women and men seeking a newfound experience and wellness for the body, mind and spirit. Based on the Hawaiian island of Maui, SwellWomen has now broadened its reach to provide adventurous surf vacations on the pristine beaches of Nicaragua, Panama and El Salvador.

2015 Dates:

Maui November 15-21 (SwellWomen).

2016 Dates:

Panama - January 10-16 (SwellWomen) and July 3-9 (Swell Co-ed).

El Salvador - February 27-March 5 (SwellWomen) and March 5-12 (Swell Co-ed).

Nicaragua - April 16-23 (SwellWomen), April 23-30 (Swell Co-ed/Couples only), and November 19-26 (SwellWomen).

Maui - July 24-30 (SwellWomen), August 14-20 (Swell Co-ed), August 21-27 (SwellWomen), September 4-10 (SwellWomen), and November 6-12 (SwellWomen).

2016/2017 Dates:

Panama - December 30-January 5 (Swell Co-ed) and January 9-14 (SwellWomen).

Pricing for retreats range from $2,395 to $3,695 depending on choice of room occupancy.

Lulu Agan

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