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Swiftpath Surgeon Andrew Wickline, MD, Live Streams Joint Replacement Surgery at Arthroplasty Conference in India


Kirkland, WA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/24/2018 --SwiftPath surgeon Andrew Wickline, MD, was invited to perform a total hip replacement using the SwiftPath Method at the first Annual Arthroplasty Conference in Hyderabad, India in February, reported Craig McAllister, MD, president and chief medical officer of SwiftPath Program, LLC, a firm that develops evidenced-based, rapid recovery protocols that enable physicians to provide hip and knee replacements with early discharge in a hospital setting and same-day discharge in an outpatient setting. 

Dr. Wickline practices at Genesee Orthopedics in New Hartford, New York—and is the state's volume leader in joint replacement. "Working with Dr. Uday Krishna Myneni at KIMS Hospital in Secunderabad, India, and using the latest techniques, including the SwiftPath Method and the Mizuho OSI Hana® Orthopedic Surgery Table, Dr. Wickline conducted a total hip replacement applying the anterior approach, which was broadcast live to attendees of the conference," Dr. McAllister says.

Dr. Wickline felt honored to do the first-ever hip replacement using the SwiftPath Method and the Hana table in India. "I have a really excellent anesthesia team, and four of my anesthesiologists come from Hyderabad," Wickline says, so he has great respect for the work done in India. "They do amazing, difficult cases—patients with fractures that have been neglected for 20 years, bilateral hip fusion takedowns—they do this routinely," Wickline says.

But they don't yet do outpatient joint replacement surgery, and Wickline aims to change that. "Surgeons saw the data that we presented and the outcomes that the SwiftPath Program has achieved. The younger surgeons were very interested in what we do," Dr. Wickline says. "In fact, we're now planning on developing a mini fellowship here in my hospital for some of the surgeons from Hyderabad."

"As someone who strives for the combination of perfection and efficiency in my practice, the ability to deliver consistent, superior outcomes with the least amount of disruption to the patient is my goal," Dr. Wickline says, "and the SwiftPath Method enables me to do that. I like sharing what I've learned with others." He hopes to demonstrate outpatient joint replacement on a return visit to India in the future.

About SwiftPath
SwiftPath ( develops consensus-based protocols, patient education programs and an array of information technology tools to assure the safety and efficiency of outpatient and early discharge setting joint replacement. 

About Dr. Andrew Wickline
As a SwiftPath surgeon, Dr. Wickline ( is at the cutting edge of joint replacement excellence. SwiftPath changes the existing paradigm with state-of-the-art methods to improve outcomes, reduce complications, reduce the need for narcotics, and quickly return patients to a more mobile life.