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Swiss Privacy Alliance to Launch Campaign for Internet Privacy Standards


Emmetten, Switzerland -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/01/2014 --Swiss Privacy Alliance has launched an Indiegogo campaign to set privacy standards for the Internet worldwide.

The goal is to get privacy back with technical functions to support the human right for privacy.

"Privacy is a basic right in any free democratic society. Today most secret services and others are violating human rights." says founder, Urs Loeliger.

Swiss Privacy Alliance will certify Applications like safe phones, e-mail APPs and chat APPs.

The certification will be provided for APPs with secure end to end hard encryption.

APPs like threema: or protonmail with focus to privacy are candidates for such certification.

The mission is to get the standards similar to what is used in wifi, but with focus to privacy, security and interoperability for APPs:

1. Provide a highly-effective collaboration forum
2. Comprehensive Security for Everyone (for worldwide usage to support the human rights)
3. Grow the privacy application industry
4. Secure Cryptography (without man in the middle and no back doors)
5. Deliver great product connectivity through testing and certification

Currently several companies like Brainstorm AG are looking for more founding partners.

For more info visit the Indiegogo campaign.

About Swiss Privacy Alliance
Our vision is to make the Internet applications more secure in order to provide swiss privacy law for users around the world through a certification process for secure applications.