SWYCH U Teams Up with Financial Education Partners

The alignment of disruptive financial education with innovative mobile technology is designed to help free the middle class from the bondage of institutional debt.


Tampa, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/07/2020 --SWYCH U, LLC announced it has aligned with Financial Education Partners, LLC (FEP) to bring powerful new online financial education programs to market. The companies entered into a formal agreement in September, 2020 through which FEP would provide content and materials that SWYCH U would deploy to end customers through its groundbreaking mobile technology.

The partnership has facilitated the development of robust education materials including eBooks, comprehensive video courses, as well as numerous proprietary resources to assist customers. Under the agreement FEP has also committed personnel to directly assist SWYCH U customers through phone and online consultation as an extension of the educational programs.

The roll out of these new programs by SWYCH U is currently underway. The companies anticipate adding additional programs throughout 2021 to extend the course options available to the public.

About Financial Education Partners, LLC
Financial Education Partners (FEP) specializes in educational materials and resources to help clients improve their financial standing, eliminating debt, and generating long term residual income. With personnel representing years of experience in home financing, debt management, and related financial planning, the company is focused on deploying its courses and programs to the masses.

SWYCH U is a financial education services company, specializing in programs designed to empower the middle class with strategies to accelerate debt reduction and wealth generation. Through its innovative mobile application the company aims to tear down the veil obscuring the financial strategies utilized by the wealthy from the average U.S. Consumer. Switch your thinking. Switch university. Switch you. For more information, visit https://swychu.com.