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Sydney SEO Expert Lists Four SEO Rookie Mistakes to Avoid

Each year millions of websites find themselves penalized by Google for breaking their guidelines. Sydney Top 10 SEO explains how to avoid mistakes that can damage a website.


Sydney, New South Wales -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/21/2016 --A leading Sydney SEO expert is often asked by small business clients why their website has been penalized by Google and why their traffic and rankings have dropped. Top 10 SEO in Sydney who has become one of the most recommended SEO experts in Australia with clients all over the world including Australia, UK, and USA has decided to list four of the most common SEO mistakes people make.

A spokesman for Top 10 SEO said: "Business owners understand how important a website is with regards to increasing sales, but some of those owners become impatient and try get their website to the top of Google in the shortest time possible. As a result, they hire people who use Black Hat SEO. Not only is that against Google guidelines, it is also the quickest way to have a website penalized."

Black Hat is often used by those SEO companies who claim to offer a professional services for a fraction of the cost they should be. Although it may be tempting to hire a cheap SEO company or freelancer, that person or persons could damage the website through banned Black Hat SEO techniques. Top 10 SEO in Sydney advises anyone who receives an email offer cheap SEO to ignore it so their website does not get damaged.

Common SEO Mistakes To Avoid

1. Keep away from Cheap SEO services that offer Black Hat SEO
2. Avoid duplicate content issues
3. Flash Content can cause problems for Google when it comes to ranking. Google finds it hard to read content on a webpage that is not HTML
4. Avoid buying links

By avoid the four common mistakes, website owners can start to begin safeguarding their website and avoid being penalized by Google. The best way to make sure a website ranks well within Google Guidelines is to hire a professional SEO expert.

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