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Sydney Top 10 SEO Offers Advice on the Big Google Adwords Changes

Google shocked the business world when they removed their Google advertising from the right-hand side and limited it to four ads at the top of the page. To help people understand how it will affect their business, Sydney Top 10 SEO has launched advice on their blog.


Sydney, Australia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/04/2016 --A leading Sydney SEO expert has written an article on their blog to offer people advice on the changes that were brought in by Google concerning their advertising services. People woke up a couple of weeks ago thinking their computers were broken when they could not see any Google adverts on the right-hand side of their web page. However, it was not a fault or a mistake; it was a major change that Google brought in, and it seems not a lot of people like it. Sydney Top 10 SEO understand how some people are concerned and have offered an objective point of view on the changes (

The Sydney SEO expert, who this week announced they are now offering their services to U.S businesses, put the information together to help people understand about the changes. Top 10 SEO has looked at the changes in detail and how it may or may not affect a business and the exposure they hope to achieve through Google advertising.

A spokesman for Top 10 SEO said: "A lot of people are worried how it will affect them. One of the biggest concerns is people think they will be priced out of advertising in Google through the limited spaces that are available."

Google Advertising has always been an important tool for small businesses wanting to improve their online performance and gain sales, but with the major changes, which some business experts have said does not make financial sense, may change all that.

Top 10 Sydney SEO are more than happy to offer advice to those businesses who are worried about how the changes may affect them. For further information on how to increase a website ranking in Google and to achieve higher traffic, please visit

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