System Insights Launches VIMANA Enrich

Better Data to Enable Smart Manufacturing


Berkeley, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/18/2017 --System Insights announces today the official launch of VIMANA Enrich, a software solution that simplifies the capture and integration of relevant data from the shop floor, manufacturing, and business systems and adds context to the manufacturing process without increasing time and cost for programming and systems integration. VIMANA Enrich enables manufacturers to leverage machine data to gain improved insight, in real-time, that will support decision making and enable true Smart Manufacturing to take place.

A key challenge to Smart Manufacturing is building better data, this depends on automatically capturing, structuring, and adding context by integrating machine data with other manufacturing data sources. VIMANA Enrich solves these challenges and allows manufacturers to be able to identify the true state of the manufacturing process such as current machine activity, asset health, part production, and operator status. Additionally, events and alerts can be created for insight into needed actions focused on maintenance, scheduling, inventory, part quality, etc. Enabling end-to-end process automation, VIMANA Enrich integrates with other upstream CAM and downstream ERP, scheduling, and maintenance systems.

"We are excited to bring VIMANA Enrich to market," stated Athulan Vijayaraghavan, CTO and Co-founder of System Insights. He continued, "VIMANA Enrich is a flexible product that can be configured by the user to generate classifications and alerts to capture the true state of the manufacturing process, using our user interface to generate Enrich rules. This product will bring a lot of value to users by augmenting data without programming, and will save users time and money."

VIMANA Enrich is a stand-alone, on premise, streaming application that consumes data from MTConnect and other data sources. It leverages a set of standard and custom developed rules to generate events that can be consumed by VIMANA Utilize or other analytics platforms for visualization and predictive analytics. Enriched data can also be integrated with other manufacturing and business systems to include Enterprise Resource Planning, Maintenance, and Scheduling systems to enable a closed-loop process and end-to-end supply chain automation.

About System Insights
System Insights is transforming how industrial companies operate plants and deliver products. We help our customers gain real-time visibility and control of their manufacturing operations to improve productivity, maximize asset performance, reduce resource consumption, and boost profits. System Insights' technology fuels Industry 4.0, IIoT and Smart Factory client initiatives.

VIMANA by System Insights is the leading cloud-based and on premise predictive analytics platform for manufacturing intelligence. VIMANA securely connects to multi-vendor and legacy factory assets using MTConnect and OPC-UA standards. Our software captures, enriches, and analyzes vast volumes of machine data, generating metrics and insight to help customers accelerate cycle times, minimize scrap, and reduce production costs. System Insights collaborates with a robust partner ecosystem, from machine tool and controller technology manufacturers, to factory automation systems and mission critical enterprise software providers. We are recognized as industry thought leaders and are contributing partners to the MTConnect Institute. Committed to the future of manufacturing, we collaborate closely with DMDII (Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute), NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), and IIC (Industrial Internet Consortium).