Systo Introduced the Brand New RM-L1107+8 as the Universal Remote Control for LCD TV

Superb Convenience and Flexibility Make this Smart TV Remote Unique


Guangdong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/18/2018 --SYSTO International Limited, a well-experienced remote control manufacturer, has lately released a kind of innovative LCD TV LCD TV remote remote- RM-L1107+8 into the market. It is going to amaze customers with its exceptional convenience and flexibility.

"For years, we have been sticking to the principle that we should be striving to provide the product our customers are satisfied with and can find happiness from. We have always been making efforts to manufacture excellent remote controls for the TV, DVD or air conditioner,"said Gacky, the marketing manager of Systo. " We constantly made market researches on people's requirements on remote controls, and we know that many of them would complain some remote controls couldn't apply to different types of LCD televisions, so sometimes they are bothered to look for the right remote control for their TV. To avoid this awkward situation, we got the idea of producing RM-L1107+8, which is universal for all LCD TV, also hoping to pleased users with appealing functions."

RM-L1107+8 are born as the smart tv remote for almost all types of LCD TV. It just needs two AAA batteries, which are of high capacity and energy-saving.

What may catch customers' attention is its stylish design of the appearance. It's a little bit flat so that it won't look clumsy. Moreover, the black color also looks classy and buttons of different functions make it look quite modern.

Most importantly, here are its most charismatic features which help improve the convenience.

On the top of the list, it has a broad use for televisions. Users are able to quickly make the setting for every TV brand required. Besides LCD TV, it's also applicable for LED, HDTV, etc. Once the setting is done, users can directly use this RM-L1107+8 to control their televisions.

Regarding its operational panel, it has the clear painting on the button; therefore, it's easy to recognize, which is convenient for users especially the olds. In addition, it has the memory function even if it is cut off the power supply, avoiding memory loss.

Apart from that, another good news for its potential customers may be its flexibility.

Its transmitting distance could be 8 metres, which means users could feel free to control the television even when they are far away from the TV. The high flexibility and sensitivity of RM-L1107+8 are attractive.

One more gratifying characteristic is its high speed to make the reaction because of the chip adopted. Users can exchange the channel or adjust the volume in a flash; thus, users are able to watch the programme and have an enjoyable watching experience smoothly.

About Systo
Established in 1998, Systo was initially named "Guangzhou HUAYU electronics co., LTD. "Over these years, it has been engaging in the research and development, design, production, sales and service of various remote controls. Having the insight of people's demand on remote controls, Systo has generated many new ideas of producing the competitive remote controls. Gradually Systo has grown up to a mature brand and renamed itself "SYSTO International Limited" while setting up HUAYU Guangzhou sales office in 2013. According to its values, "S" in the "Systo" stands for four meanings, which are Superb, Secure, Sensibly-priced and Service-oriented. It always holds on to the philosophy that only when customers' satisfaction comes will a company's success follows. And manufacturing the popular remote controls is its continuous goal to fight for. Find out more by visiting