Is Looking to Lead the Revolution on Changing the News Media

Just a smartphone and thousands of news tipsters will change the world.


Washington, DC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/24/2014 the ultimate entertainment site and Apps is announcing a new program "Say It Loud It's My News and I am Proud" that will change the face of news media as we see it today. This program will allow the news to be told directly by the everyday person, through their point of view, quoted "so many people feel as though the traditional news is only speaking to a very few, and with pundits giving their points, and with so many questions and answers not being told, it is time to revolutionize the news media as we see it today" stated by Stephen Byrd the creator of will give thousands around the world with only their cell phone the ability to Go Live, film their news stories and broadcast it to millions of people instantly.

Some will take "Say It Loud It's My News and I am Proud" as a revolution on the news media, some will take it as an opportunity to tell their stories and some will have fun showing everyday life through their eyes, either way news will never be the same again.

About is a community of entertainment and news, that allow users and viewers to communicate live to millions around the world. is changing the face of entertainment and news.

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