New Thigh-Mounted Tablet Stand a Perfect Fit for All Mobile Devices

The ThiPad Hands-Free Tablet Stand straps securely to the user's leg when seated, allowing them to operate all types of mobile devices virtually anywhere, for hours of comfortable and convenient use.


Fairfield, CT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/03/2013 --It's called The ThiPad Hands-Free Tablet Stand. Strapped securely to the leg when the user is seated, it snugly accommodates all sized iPads, Android tablets, Kindles, Nooks, and other mobile devices, even in their cases, for hours of comfortable working, reading, typing, playing games, or practicing with musical instruments.

Unlike other tablet stands, which actually require another "stand" such as a table, desktop or platform to function, The ThiPad can be worn anywhere at any time, freeing up users to access their devices without tying up their hands or tiring out their arms holding them. The ThiPad is also smaller, lighter and safer to use than bulky "lap" stands that aren't secured and thus can be unstable and cumbersome by comparison.

"The ThiPad is made of a special, extra-firm foam that's remarkably lightweight and durable," says Jerry McTigue, a writer and guitarist who developed The ThiPad so he could pursue those interests with his iPad more productively. "Its surface is non-slip. Even bare metal devices won’t slide."

McTigue notes that people are surprised at how compact and sturdy The ThiPad is the first time they click it on. Two 1-1/2" wide X 30” long adjustable straps with parachute buckles ensure a secure and comfortable fit. Excess strap ends can be slipped through retainer loops for a neat appearance.

The ThiPad is ideal for passengers on long train, airplane or car rides that normally require propping up their tablets in awkward positions or holding them up for extended periods of time. It’s also effective for reading while lying on a couch or bed, taking notes at seminars and meetings, following instructions while performing a task, viewing a tablet while feeding the baby, monitoring other games while attending one at the stadium, catching up on email while eating a sandwich, or performing an infinite number of tasks on a tablet device while giving tired arms a rest.

“For me, it’s a game-changer,” says McTigue. “My office is now on my knee. The ThiPad optimizes all the advantages the tablet computer was created for.”

More information about The ThiPad Hands-Free Tablet Stand and an order form to purchase it at a special introductory price are available at Please address all questions and dealer inquiries to or call 203-254-7789.